Monday, February 23, 2009

A Fair Price for a Pair of Eyeglasses

If you are like me who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, chances are… you have eye issues. These eye issues may vary from astigmatism to poor or deteriorating eye vision and could be too late to correct now without wearing eyeglasses.

And speaking of eyeglasses, that is something I took for granted before and now I have regrets. Since I cannot work on the computer without a pair of glasses, I don’t have any choice but to get myself a descent pair. Too bad I learned about a month too late. I have not checked the news for quite awhile and missed out on some great deals like the eyeglasses featured at New York Times.

Apparently, according to New York Times, offers a real great deal of eyeglasses as low as $8 a pair. This includes generic frames and lenses with anti-scratch coating. This is really a great bargain considering that I paid $210 for the new pair of glasses that I bought from Walmart. Too bad, I cannot return them anymore.

But as a perennial bargain hunter, I couldn’t just pass up on this one. I still ordered a back-up pair from using my recent prescription and viola… I got another pair of glasses for just a little over 10$. It’s indeed a fair price for a pair of eyeglasses. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your own!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Working Hard or Hardly Working

I have been working part-time for over a month now. It is an amazing thing for me considering the fact that I was a bummer for almost a couple of years since I migrated here in the US. And the fact that I have never stopped working since I graduated from college in 19** [sorry had to leave that a mystery… hahahaha] till I came here in 2007 was really a transition that I struggled so hard.

Now, I am working and I am loving it. Finally, I was able to get the freedom I was so used to. I was able to leave home, meet other people and do what I was trained to do... sort of. Yes, I am back in school. I am working back in a school setting… that is. But my work doesn’t involve teaching but rather, watching kids. Oh well, it is sort of "in-line with my former work" just a little modification is some aspects.

The bottom line is… I am working. And that what really matters for now.