Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Before the Happy Ever After

Everybody loves weddings. It is the happiest occasion there is. It is the most awaited moment in everybody's lifetime. It is the most memorable day in a woman's life. And it is the most significant day to profess one's loving commitment to live happily ever after.

Every young girl played the role of a bride when she was younger. I did. My cousin Bambi did. My friend Vicky did. We all did because it's a girl thing. I remember too that we also made cute wedding invitations out of construction papers where we drew flowers and hearts and color them ourselves. We even sent them out to our neighbors and family and looked at their faces as they opened our wedding invitations. They all smiled and looked happy.

I love weddings. I love planning for weddings of friends and family. I also had big dream about my own wedding. Though my dream wedding did not come close to my real wedding... it was indeed memorable. And yes I did have wedding invitations but I did not draw it on a construction paper. LOL I had the real thing. I had the most beautiful wedding invitation because it is one of the tangible memories of my most significant day. I even have a personalized save the date cards that I sent out with the invitations with me and my Sweetest's photo on it. I have kept them intact in my wedding scrapbook album.

Everybody loves wedding. And weddings will always be a happy occasion that people will always look forward to... or couple will always look back on to recollect the happiest moment in their lives. And it is always nice to have that tangible remembrance of that happy occasion at hand to bring back that happy memory.

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