Friday, May 14, 2010

Excited about Vacation in California

It’s only May but I’m already so excited about my long overdue planned vacation in California. Yes, I am going to California to visit my cousin in LA whom I have not seen for over 10 years. And yes, it’s not happening until the end of this year. But I am already checking out some of the things that I want to do when I get there. Actually, I already did a little research on the fun activities that we can do there.

Well, here is what I found. I have a friend who lives in San Diego, California so I guess I will ask my cousin to bring me there because according to my friend  San Diego offers a lot of fun activities that I know we will enjoy like hiking, cruising, dining and of course, shopping. So it made me more excited and I already searched for a hotel where we can stay. I checked out coronado hotel website and found out that coronado hotel rates are really the lowest during the Christmas season which is when I am scheduled to go. I called my cousin and told her about it and she will try to check out coronado hotel reservations.

I can’t wait to go to California to be with my cousin and to do some fun activities with her.


betchai said...

oh, Ruthi, if you are here in the area, let me know, let's have fun photographing and sightseeing, winter is a good time to see san diego.

Ruthi said...

@Betchai... that is exactly in my plans... but this one is just for blogging happine$$$... you know what I mean. wink*