Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Liliw... The Introduction

I am starting a new Blog Series in this website entitled: My Philippines.
This is a special feature of this website Ruthi's breathingSpace which will now be a regular once a week blog that aims to introduce "The Philippines" to the whole world and share the beauty of the paradise I came from.

This is my simple way of looking back to my roots and showing the world how PROUD I am to be a FILIPINO.


If you want to know about LILIW, LAGUNA as a TOWN... you can read it HERE.

But if you want to know Liliw, Laguna from the point-of-view of a true-blooded Liliweno... bear with me!

Bear with me because... this will be a long journey back home.

I will be posting bits and pieces of information and history of my beloved HOMETOWN.
I will be writing memories [happy and otherwise] oh my CHILDHOOD.
I will be sharing lots and lots of photos that were captured to remind me of that SPECIAL PLACE.
And I will be talking about PEOPLE, FOOD, TRADITION, TRIVIA... that are uniquely LILIW.
... so bear with me. I will be doing this ONE POST... AT A TIME.


 This is regular weekly post for MY PHILIPPINES. For more interesting story about the beautiful "Pearl of the Orient"... click HERE.


My Public Secrets said...

Ang ganda Amiga :) Happy blogging...

Ruthi said...

@Lam... Amiga, join me. I know you have lots to share too.

maricar said...

thanks for creating this meme sis ruthi! :)

Ruthi said...

@Car... you're welcome sis... come and join us too.