Sunset Daze

Guest post written by Maribelle Walters

They might as well have filmed the show “Sunset Daze” in my retirement community.

The characters on the reality show remind me of my friends and I because they’re still energetic and living life to the fullest, like we like to do here by hosting all kinds of parties like luaus and backyard barbecues.

I also like to keep up with the blogs on my blue internetand comment about new episodes on the show’s community message boards. Back at home I used blue internet Wisconsin so when we moved recently I made sure to get satellite internet Redding, California. I like to keep up with my friends back at home through Facebook and Twitter so it was important that I have good service here so I can enjoy even more of my retirement!

But don’t think that I just sit around on my computer all day. A typical day includes golfing with my husband and then cocktails over dinner with friends. It’s so nice to see other people my age represented on reality TV. I just hope that there are other shows that pop up like this, but they’re just as good!


That's not anywhere typical for my husband and I. :-) Interesting guest post, Ruthi.