Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quick and Easy

My brother works as a designer and visual merchandiser in China. As a designer, he designs all kinds of home decorative products for export. As a visual merchandiser, he arranges the products in such a way that costumers will see how the products will be used or displayed in their own homes. As both a designer and merchandiser, he joins different trade shows in different places and countries to showcase their products. And that’s where the real hard work sets in. Well, that was when he has not heard about pop up booths yet.

Good thing that he found cool trade show pop up and pop up display that he can use to present their products. Unlike before where he has to drag all his heavy equipment sand paraphernalias to set up a booth… now he only needs an EZ Up frame canopy or an accordion type that opens up easily. He only needs to hang a fabric or graphic panels to the frame and he instantly gets a background that he needs to accentuate his products. He can even convert those frames into podium stand, add a plastic or wood top on it and finish it off by surrounding the case with graphic or fabric wrap that matches his products.

And with these awesome pop up displays, he said…his product presentation pops up quick and easy.


Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I'm all for tools to make our job easier.

betchai said...

great information you shared Ruthi, love it when the work is reduced to a lot less load :)

Cee said...

Thank for sharing Ruthi. I wonder if it's now available here.

Self Sagacity said...

I had to set up many of these in my times of marketing. It's nice now that they have the easier ones.