Sunday, March 28, 2010

I played hard!

WEEK TWO: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

This is my second week of the BLWC. The week was not too favorable compared to the previous one. I wasn't able to walk/run outdoors like I planned due to rain and snow showers. Yes, that's Maine for you... a crazy weather. And yes, we have snow showers during spring.

However, it didn't stop me from working out. I was able to take advantage of the work situation and made the best out of it.

So here are what I did the whole week. I snacked on more FRUITS.

I played "TAG YOU'RE IT!" with the kids in the gym and "SOCCER" on my "coach sneakers" in the playground. Yay!

And these are the sceneries that I was able to take in during the week...

And my weight this week is... [drum roll please!]

OMG! I only lost 1.2 pounds. Oh well, I have an explanation for that. First of all... it was raining most of the time so I wasn't able to run outdoors. Second of all... I ate Chinese last Friday because Friday night is Chinese night for me and Hubby. And Last of all... I took a nap longer than I worked out. LOL. Whatever! But the thing is... I will try again this week and perhaps... I WILL PLAY HARDER THIS TIME!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love Road Trip

I love road trips. Though at first I had problems with driving because I failed twice in my driving test, I learned to like it because I was able to get around without bothering someone to give me a ride. When I finally got my Driver’s License, it was as if I was released from prison. LOL! And going on a long trip takes a lot of preparation and anticipation for the unexpected.

I love road trips. So when I finally got my License, I hopped on my Toyota Corolla and drove. It was very liberating indeed. I just love the feel of the breeze on my cheeks and my hair. And I love the smell of the burning tires. But if there is anything I didn’t like… it’s the unexpected. When my car’s water pump leaked my excitement went down the drain… literally.

I love road trips. But when my car broke down, it was not fun. Good thing there is Chicago auto repair shop and mechanics that I can rely on. They are the experts in the auto repair in the Chicago area and the most reliable in the trade. So when my car broke down, I got my water pump replacement through them and in no time I was back on the road again… and enjoying my road trip.

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Scrappy Thingy No. #10


Treat them as treasure.
Together they laugh and cry.
Distance makes them strong.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Are you a collector? Are you fond of collecting items that are valuable? Or are you just one of those who appreciate valuable collections? I am both a collector and I appreciate valuable collections that is why I admire those people who have unique and one-of-a-kind collections of valuable items.

My mom has collections of tableware which was passed on to her by her own mom. They are antique pieces because they are older than my Grandmother. When my mom passed away… I inherited the collection. My MIL, on the other hand, is a collector too. She has a wide array of Pfaltzgraff drinkware for different seasons or occasion.

I really admire both my Mom’s and my MIL’s collections. As for myself, I am more into collecting table linens. I once got hold of an IKEA magazine lying around the house one day and fell in love with those nicely embroidered table napkins and placemats. From then on I would buy a set or two every chance I get that somehow matches my MIL’s tableware collection. Wink* Well, I am hoping that someday she will put it in her “last will and testament” that her collection will be passed on to me… since my Hubby is an only child. LOL.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bird Feeders

Lens-Craft Day No.#6

It's Springtime... finally! And with the budding of trees... birds will be coming back from hibernation... ready to claim their special space in the heart of man.

Still Empty... still waiting... still preparing for the coming of the much their awaited return from hibernation.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Biggest Loser Weekend Challenge... 1st Week

Week One:

It's the first day of Spring... technically. Well, this morning I went for a walk and decided to capture the last few moments of the last few hours of winter before Spring officially arrives at 1:32PM.

It's the first day of Spring... and I have decided to challenge myself to... LOSE WEIGHT!

It's the first day of Spring... and my weight is... [drum roll please!]

It's the first day of Spring... and went for a 2-mile walk at Dow Road.

It's the first day of Spring... and here are the things that I saw during my walk.

It's the first day of Spring... and I will challenge myself to lose 30 pounds this Spring. I took picture of myself before I went for a walk... but I don't have the guts to post it right now. I will post it for my "before and after" shots... at the last day of my Challenge.

The Biggest Loser Weekend Challenge

Losing weight is always a challenge for me and I know that I am not the only on in this struggle. Losing weight is a major concern now since obesity is a major threat to health issue to a lot of people. And losing weight is a decision one has to make to live a healthier lifestyle.

And so with this note in mind and with the motivation of my Sistahs... I am challenging myself not to lose weight but to make the right choices to live a healthier lifestyle. And by doing so... losing weight is inevitable.

So here is my PLAN:

1. I am going to challenge myself to choose healthier food, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid eating junk food and food rich in fats, sugar and salt.
2. I am going to exercise regularly. I will go for a walk or run at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day.
3. I will post my weight online every week to keep track of my performance.
4. I will blog about my weight-loss challenge to encourage other people to do the same and help them make the right choice to live a healthier life.
5. I will share photos of things I see or encounter on the road or the experience I will have while doing the challenge.
6. My goal is to lose 30 pounds by the last day of Spring so I can wear a "bikini" when I hit the beach in Summer. [The bikini part is just my motivation for myself. wink*]
7. But for any reason that I lapse or backslide... I promise that I will not be hard on myself and let go of my goal... and get back on my feet and start over again.
8. And I hope that other people will be motivated to join me in this challenge.
9. So Help me God!

So if you are like me... and want to make that drastic decision to make the right choice to live a healthier lifestyle... then TAKE THE CHALLENGE! Let's do this together and support each other to achieve our goal. SIGN UP below and LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER for a better and healthier lifestyle.

So to make this OFFICIAL... here are the RULES:

1. Sign up at Mr. Linky... then copy the logo and this website link []... and the word "I TOOK THE CHALLENGE" which you will insert at the end of your post every Sunday.
2. Write down your PLANS or GOAL for losing weight and blog or post about your challenge every week to keep track of your challenge.
3. You may choose to post a picture of your actual weight on scale if you feel comfortable about it or a photo of the things that you see while running or the food that you ate.
4. Encourage other people or bloggers you know to join us in this Challenge.


Friday, March 19, 2010

On Protecting Life Investments

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So if you live in New York and still don’t have the peace of mind you deserve and thinking of getting an insurance but still cannot decide, my friends from can provide you with relevant information in getting home insurance in New York. They got the most comprehensive localized insurance resource. Life is indeed tough, but getting insurance is just a small price to pay for that peace of mind?


Scrappy Thingy No. #9

In happiness and sadness
A precious jewel

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Before the Happy Ever After

Everybody loves weddings. It is the happiest occasion there is. It is the most awaited moment in everybody's lifetime. It is the most memorable day in a woman's life. And it is the most significant day to profess one's loving commitment to live happily ever after.

Every young girl played the role of a bride when she was younger. I did. My cousin Bambi did. My friend Vicky did. We all did because it's a girl thing. I remember too that we also made cute wedding invitations out of construction papers where we drew flowers and hearts and color them ourselves. We even sent them out to our neighbors and family and looked at their faces as they opened our wedding invitations. They all smiled and looked happy.

I love weddings. I love planning for weddings of friends and family. I also had big dream about my own wedding. Though my dream wedding did not come close to my real wedding... it was indeed memorable. And yes I did have wedding invitations but I did not draw it on a construction paper. LOL I had the real thing. I had the most beautiful wedding invitation because it is one of the tangible memories of my most significant day. I even have a personalized save the date cards that I sent out with the invitations with me and my Sweetest's photo on it. I have kept them intact in my wedding scrapbook album.

Everybody loves wedding. And weddings will always be a happy occasion that people will always look forward to... or couple will always look back on to recollect the happiest moment in their lives. And it is always nice to have that tangible remembrance of that happy occasion at hand to bring back that happy memory.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bye Winter... Hello Spring?

It's almost spring! I can almost smell it. I can feel it. Just a little patience and I know I will wake up one day and it is already at my doorstep.

But in fairness to winter... I am so glad that I survived another winter. It would have been a fun winter if only I was able to ride my snowmobile more often.

And if only I was able to go ice-fishing even just once. Because those are the best part of winter for me.

But then, I am so happy that the snow bank is almost gone... the grass is already showing up... the trees are budding now... and the temperature is warming up.

I guess... this is the shortest winter I've ever experience since I came here. For the last couple of years winter was brutally cold. I can remember that it was already last week of April and we still had snow shower and the snow banks were still higher than me.

But winter is not really that bad after all. Aside from the outdoor activities that I truly enjoy... winter also can bring out the best in every person and the economy.

Yes... we can save on electric bill in some point with the natural refrigeration system

and improvised food heater. LOL

But spring is almost here... and winter will be left behind... together with the bad experiences we had... and move on to another season as we await another winter in a not so distant future ahead.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here comes… the groom!

Wedding is a happy occasion. And wedding is all about the Grooms too. Oh well, we are so used to giving more importance to the Bride but that has to change.

Well, with Grooms are given equal importance with their mens wedding rings webpage dedicated only to the most important man in every Bride’s special day. - THE GROOM! After all… the Bride will not be a Bride if not for the Groom, right?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I got a package last night

I got a package last night. Well, my cousin from LA asked me a couple of weeks ago what I want for my birthday. So I told her.

I got the package last night. When I told my cousin what I want for my birthday... she cracked up. She was expecting that I will ask for designer clothes... or bags... or shoes... or expensive accessories... or who-knows-what.

I got the package last night. And I am so happy. I can finally feast on my favorite "RENO Liver Spread" and ample supply of my ever reliable magic ointment... Katinko.
I can have a sumptuous meal with "salted eggs and freshly chopped tomatoes" over steamed jasmine rice.
I can snack on my "Nagaraya Cracker Nuts".
And I also got some bling-blings that my cousin made herself.

Oh, if she only knew how happy I am. Oh well, I know she knew it.

Thanks Joey for the package. I Love You.

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