Sunday, May 30, 2010

Taking a break from the Challenge?

WEEK ELEVEN: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

Okay, here is the thing. I am taking a break from the challenge. No, not "break-break" but break from posting some relevant information pertaining to the challenge.

This is a "scheduled post". I am writing it now... 27th of May, 2010... a Thursday... because I am off on Sunday, which is today [supposedly]. Sunday is when I really post the BLWC post to sum up the weight development of my challenge for the week.

This is a "scheduled post... because Me and Hubby will be spending weekend up north. And I will be taking a time off from my computer so we can bond. Me and Hubby will celebrate his birthday up north... gold panning and camping.

This is a "scheduled post... so I am just posting some photos that has no relevance to the challenge. It is just for the sake of posting. hahahaha. And I will surely post photos from our vacation next week.

This week... I only spent 45 minutes in the treadmill... once... and spent the days with kids at work... lying on the parachute in the shady part of the playground... because the weather was too hot. I am afraid that the kids will suffer from heatstroke.

There you go... the challenge is still on... but the break is not to really stop the challenge.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going Virtual

I have been blogging for quite awhile now. I use blog to reach out to friends and families. I use blog to meet new friends. I use blog to reconnect to old friends and long lost families. And I use blog to convey my thoughts, emotions and freedom to express my personality.

Blogging maybe the thing of the present. Blogging is the new way of promoting businesses too. That is why a lot of businesses are taking advantage of blogging to promote their products and services. Websites and networking bring the best in every business and company that is why everything now is going virtual.

For businesses big and small... going virtual is the sure way to get best results. Going virtual gives businesses the boost they need to gain more profit. And going virtual helps businesses to be  more competitive and effective. That is why there are such things as virtual phone systems where you can have virtual phone service and virtual phone numbers that your business can benefit from.

This is the fastest, safest, easiest and the cheapest way to keep your business afloat. And this is the most convenient way to keep your company in business.

This is a paid review for PBX Compare... a hosted PBX provider.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jewelery Shopping Online

Thanks to guest blogger Mary Toobin!

I had been search for a while for the perfect sterling silver necklace to wear on a daily basis. I wanted something that would go with every outfit and was simple enough to wear every day. While shopping at the local mall I had come across a brand of necklaces that I loved. The options in the store were very limited and I didn’t find anything that fit exactly what I was looking for. I logged onto the website, and found a much larger selection. The website was categorized and organized perfectly. Even though the site offered a huge selection, it was easy to go through all of the different pieces that they sold. Not only did they have necklaces, they offered all types of other jewelry as well. The best part of the website was their one low flat shipping rate.

While logged on through my wild blue satellite internet, I was able to find and purchase the exact necklace that I had wanted with no problems at all. I also found a good deal of other jewelry that I decided to purchase as well. This website offered a great deal of merchandise that I would have never seen otherwise. The shipping was quick and products arrived in separate boxes. They were the exact dimensions and finishes that the website had promised, which helped to make the experience even better.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Challenge?

WEEK TEN: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

Can't believe I have been doing this challenge for two and a half months now. And I can't believe that I am not making big progress too.

But don't worry. I am not a quitter. The challenge is still on... and so is the photography.

I will do this challenge as long as I can... and no matter what it takes.

I will persevere as long as I have to... and no matter how hard it can be.

And I will go on hoping that I will achieve... my weight goal.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Liliw... The Introduction

I am starting a new Blog Series in this website entitled: My Philippines.
This is a special feature of this website Ruthi's breathingSpace which will now be a regular once a week blog that aims to introduce "The Philippines" to the whole world and share the beauty of the paradise I came from.

This is my simple way of looking back to my roots and showing the world how PROUD I am to be a FILIPINO.


If you want to know about LILIW, LAGUNA as a TOWN... you can read it HERE.

But if you want to know Liliw, Laguna from the point-of-view of a true-blooded Liliweno... bear with me!

Bear with me because... this will be a long journey back home.

I will be posting bits and pieces of information and history of my beloved HOMETOWN.
I will be writing memories [happy and otherwise] oh my CHILDHOOD.
I will be sharing lots and lots of photos that were captured to remind me of that SPECIAL PLACE.
And I will be talking about PEOPLE, FOOD, TRADITION, TRIVIA... that are uniquely LILIW.
... so bear with me. I will be doing this ONE POST... AT A TIME.


 This is regular weekly post for MY PHILIPPINES. For more interesting story about the beautiful "Pearl of the Orient"... click HERE.

NC's Best Real Estate

Speaking of moving out…a friend of mine from New York called me recently and told me that she and her family is moving to Wilmington, North Carolina this summer. It is not a drastic decision. In fact it was the best decision they made for the children. She said that since her husband got promoted from his job and will be relocated to their North Carolina branch office, it is the best time to give up city life. They are excited to get away from the busy and noisy city life and live in a more peaceful and pollution free environment where they can enjoy the outdoors.

And so they Search Wilmington NC Real Estate website and found a great resource of Homes for Sale at real reasonable and affordable price. Their online Home listing complete with photos of homes, prices, house specifications, locations, even maps, panoramic view of the street and bird’s eye view of the property are just some of the unique features of the website that you cannot find in any other real estate websites. And this helped my friend and her husband choose their dream home without the stress that goes with all home-and-property-seeking- extravaganza.

Move with Tow Dolly Strap

Moving out is easy. What is hard is the packing and transporting of your stuff and personal belongings.

But there is always a better solution. You need high quality and affordable tow dolly strap to protect your precious cargo.

So if you need e track accessories like D ring for cargo control during transportation of your precious possessions. Check out and choose the best product that suit your needs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ann Taylor Loft Online is a Life Saver

This is a guest post by Matha Taylor

Buying clothes online can be difficult for me. I’ve always been one to try everything on before buying it. Usually I even prefer to try clothes on with the right shoes and accessories before making any purchase. Time constraints make that impossible at times. I recently needed a new dress to wear to a family members wedding. As usual I waited till the last minute to make this purchase and did not have time to spend hours at the store. I logged onto Ann Taylor Loft and found a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories. By searching through their website I was able to find not only a dress but all the matching accessories that I needed.

Just by simply spending half an hour on my hughs net satellite internet I was able to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Since the wedding was held out of town, I needed the dress and accessories shipped to a separate location than I was at. This was handled easily and caused me no stress at all. In less than three days my dress was delivered to my mother’s house in the town that the wedding was being held. The dress fit perfectly, some of the accessories did not match the dress as well so I decided to return them. The return process as extremely easy, since I was able to return them to the store instead of mailing them back.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving in or out?

There is nothing permanent in this world but change. That is why we need to adapt to change no matter it takes. And if moving to another place is a part of change… then we should deal with it with less stress and enjoy the move.

So here are some good advice to La Movers. If you are looking for reputable Moving Companies in Los Angeles call this toll free number 1-800-431-3920 and let Melrose Moving, a reliable Moving Company Los Angles help you with the change that you are about to take.

And here are some of the helpful information about Melrose Mover that you can consider.

We are a local Los Angeles moving company that provides commercial and residential moving services at budget prices. Because we are an employee-operated company with a minimum overhead, we are able to offer our customers pricing that is about 30% lower than our competitors.

We offer a wide variety of local moving services that are designed to get you from point A to point B with as little headache as possible. If you're in the process of moving, give us a call today for a free estimate or moving quote at 1-800-431-3920, or 1-818-442-2007. You will soon see why Melrose Moving is Los Angeles's #1 Moving Company.

There you go… enjoy the change… move on… and move forward.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pollen gets in the Way of my Challenge

WEEK NINE: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

Another week has passed and here I am again struggling with the challenge. I am taking it easy right now. I did go to the gym and did 45 minutes on the treadmill, a mile on the stationary bike and 2 minutes of leg raise. Though I did all of them a couple of times this week only.

My food intake is still the same. I eat more Tofu Wrap and Tofu Sandwich for lunch. And yes, Chinese on Friday.

And this week, the pollen is too high, giving my allergy a little tickling so my plan of going for a walk and run in the neighborhood was put on hold. I just scanned the backyard for interesting subject for photography.

And I did buy a new battery but still it's the wrong one so I have not weight myself yet using the new one. The old one is still driving me crazy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tee Time

I bought a complete set of golf clubs, golf bag and golf balls for Hubby for his birthday. Shhhhh… he doesn’t know about it yet. His birthday is not until the 31st of this month. I had it hidden at a friend’s house. So why am I writing about it here? Because I am very confident that Hubby doesn’t read my blog. I know that for sure so our secret is safe. hahaha

Well, Hubby is not really into golf. He said it is a very expensive sports. But I found a great deal at Marden’s so I bought him a set anyway just in case he feels like taking a golf clinic in the near future. He loves Tiger Woods and he knows all the golf rules and even plays golf online so why not buy him the real thing.

But here is the thing, I bought the golf set hoping that in case he won’t use it, I will be able to use it myself. And I already bought some women’s golf clothing and women’s golf accessories and womens golf apparel just in case I will make it through the greens. Hahahahaha

Tee time… can be anytime! So, I need to be prepared. Wink***

Furnishings for the New Renovated Rooms

I love furniture. Who doesn’t? If my Hubby is into building houses, his Sweetie [a.k.a. Moi or Me] is into interior designing. No, I didn’t have a degree in interior design. My designing talent came from pure instinct, good taste [wink*] and passion for the good… the beautiful… and what is pleasing to the eye.

So, when my friend from San Diego, California had a home renovation, she asked me some friendly advice on how to furnish her dining room. Of course, I would do anything for my friend to help her decorate her house and the first thing I did is to look online for the best place to get the most unique and high quality furniture sold around her area.

Well, she was happy with the new look of her favorite room brought about by the dining furniture san diego that she choose for her newly renovated family dining area. Aside from the dining furniture she also browsed some living room sofa and fell in love with two sofa beds san diego that she put in their new family room which she had converted from an old nursery room. And lastly, she got a couple of new simmons san diego mattresses for the kids’ bedroom since they already worn out the old ones.

Now, her house has an entirey new look and she is happy and grateful for my suggestion.

Excited about Vacation in California

It’s only May but I’m already so excited about my long overdue planned vacation in California. Yes, I am going to California to visit my cousin in LA whom I have not seen for over 10 years. And yes, it’s not happening until the end of this year. But I am already checking out some of the things that I want to do when I get there. Actually, I already did a little research on the fun activities that we can do there.

Well, here is what I found. I have a friend who lives in San Diego, California so I guess I will ask my cousin to bring me there because according to my friend  San Diego offers a lot of fun activities that I know we will enjoy like hiking, cruising, dining and of course, shopping. So it made me more excited and I already searched for a hotel where we can stay. I checked out coronado hotel website and found out that coronado hotel rates are really the lowest during the Christmas season which is when I am scheduled to go. I called my cousin and told her about it and she will try to check out coronado hotel reservations.

I can’t wait to go to California to be with my cousin and to do some fun activities with her.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Brother

Scrappy Thingy No. #14

He is a charmer.
Witty, funny and loving.
My baby brother.

New Jeans for Summer

It’s almost summertime and I really need to lose weight. I need to lose unwanted pounds because during this time, I need to do some serious shopping to update my wardrobe.

Well, one of the reasons why I love spring and summer is because I don’t need to bundle up. I don’t have to wear those bulky outfitters that are indeed unflattering to my body. Oh yes, my body which is sad to admit is not flattering at all looks worse when wearing those winter outfits. Oh yes, I am not so impressed with myself when it happens. There is no way I could camouflage my unflattering figure with accessories and clothes that can do some tricks.

So, since all my winter clothing is already nicely tucked away in my winter totes in the cellar… it’s time to sort out my spring/summer clothes to check if there are still some pieces that will fit me. And sad to say, I really need to get some new pieces and donate the old ones to Goodwill.

And since I am in quest for new outfit, I found some cute Miss Me Jeans and some Seven Jeans Sale online from my favorite Discount Designer Jeans website. So, let’s go shopping! Yey!

The Soup is the Funniest Show on Television…

This is a guest post by Will Bennett

At one time, the funniest shows on television were Saturday Night Live and The Johnny Carson Show. After that came Seinfeld and The Simpsons. All these shows have something in common – they have been watched by the masses. Currently, the funniest show on television is not watched by the masses. However, those who know about it – and there are plenty of them – are completely addicted to it. The word is also spreading. It seems like every month the ratings jump to new highs. The show I’m referring to is called The Soup and the host is Joel McHale. I get it on one of the satellite systems in Florida.

The Soup doesn’t sound like the title. Come to think of it, I don’t think the title does the show justice. If I wasn’t aware of the show, I wouldn’t have an interest in watching it based on the title. It just sounds like another boring talk show. But it’s far from a boring talk show. Joel McHale is the perfect host. Since the show is taped live, he is often forced to use his rapier wit to fix something that could have otherwise gone wrong. Then again, when things go wrong, it’s kind of entertaining.

Let me back up a minute and tell you what The Soup is all about. It’s a show where Joel McHale reviews moments from television in the past week. But the humor used in doing so is unparalleled by any show I have ever seen. It’s not just Joel McHale’s humor, but also the slick humor of the writers for the show. To put it simply, everything is about making fun of people from live tv. This could refer to Regis & Kelly, a reality show on MTV, a cooking show, or anything else. Wherever they spot an opportunity to make fun of someone, they do it. I know this isn’t the nicest show on the planet, but it’s too entertaining not too watch.

There are many different segments, which include Chat Stew and Reality Show Clip Time. It doesn’t matter what segment you watch, though. The whole thing is hilarious. It’s on at 10 pm on Friday nights and is replayed often.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Most Effective way to Conduct Business

One of the best things that happened in this world is the internet. We have to accept the fact that we’ve gone a long way in terms of technologies. And we have to face the truth that we cannot live without internet because almost everything is depended on it now. The convenience of the internet in our daily lives is incomparable in the aspect of education, business, health and economy… just to name a few. Today, we conduct almost anything with technologies and the internet.

In banking or commerce for instance, E Billing is the name of the game. Almost all businesses or companies are now doing their businesses using sophisticated tools to achieve progress and profit, of course. That is why E Billing Software is very relevant in the operation of their businesses. It is the best way to reach out to costumers in the most convenient way. It is the most efficient way to successfully operate any business in this highly globalized world.

For any company or business, being able to come up with the best E Billing Solutions that will handle all their internal and external transactions, market strategies, holistic communication and other pertinent factors inherent to the business is the only way to ensure an effective, efficient and productive business deal.

Coolest Dog Feeders

Have you heard about automatic pet feeders? Have you heard about metal dog feeders from Well, this is the coolest thing today for your pet.

Automatic dog feeders are the newest trend now in taking care of “man’s bff”. They are the most convenient and efficient way to feed your dog. So if you love your dog, it’s time to get one of those feeders.

Bee Removal without a Sting

I love spring. Oh well, everybody knows that already. I love spring because of the flowers. And just like anything… there is always a downside to everything good.

One not so good about spring and flowers aside from pollen are the bugs. I hate bugs most specifically the bees. I know they help a lot in make honey and pollination process but still I am scared of them because I am allergic to bee sting.

So if you are like me and you live in California, Orange County Bee Removal is the answer to your bee problem. Check out so you can enjoy spring without a sting.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Weighing Scale is so Mean

WEEK EIGHT: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

Another week had passed and I am here whining and contemplating if I really have to do this again? Well, of course I have to. If there is anything good that I did for the past week... it was my commitment to blog. And my commitment to lose weight is.... well, it's another issue. LOL.

I have many reasons why I gained weight. Yes, I did! I did gain back the few pounds I lost during the first few weeks I started the challenge. And yes, I have many reasons why I gained the weight back.

1. Hubby requested me to cook his favorite Pinoy food for the whole week. And though I had one day of pasta fever... the rest of the week was indeed a bingeing disaster. Boy, how I love to eat. I did miss Pinoy food a lot. hahahaha

2. I did not exercise except for few minutes of walking in the park to check out my kids.

3. I did take photos of amazing sceneries inside my car. Unlike before where I would go for a walk or run to capture interesting subjects in my camera... this time I was inside my car and just take a snapshot of the scenes I saw on the road.

And those are the main reasons why I did not lose weight this week and even gained back the pounds I lost a few weeks back.

And I still think that my weighing scale is not fair. It is so mean to me for rubbing it on my face. hahahaha. Sorry I will not reveal the exact figure here. It hurts so bad. But the challenge is still on. I am still hopeful that I will get my goal even if it will take me a lifetime. Yay! Yay! Yay!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Scrappy Thingy No. #12

She's my greatest fan
And she's my worse critic too.
She's my mom, that's why!

Pasta Fever

I'm a pasta lover. How doesn't? Well, maybe there are some who doesn't like pasta. But for me, I am a [sucker] for pasta [excuse my choice of word... wink*].

I love pasta in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. I love past for different reasons. And I love pasta because I love it.

I love pasta because it is easy to prepare. I love pasta because there are variety of ways to prepare it. And I love pasta because there are different kinds of sauces that you can put on it.

Today, I made a Whole Wheat Macaroni with Tofu and Mushroom.

You will need:

1. Tofu [diced], mushroom, onion, garlic, tomato [all chopped], olive oil [for sautéing], tomato paste or tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, onion salt, whole wheat macaroni, and Parmesan cheese.

2. Cook macaroni according to package's instruction. Set aside.

3. Sauté chopped garlic, onion, and tomato in olive oil. 

4. Add diced tofu. Cook and stir until golden brown.

5. Season with onion salt.

6. Add mushroom and cook till soft.

7. Add tomato paste. You may add a bit of water so that sauce will not be too thick.

8. Season. You may add dash of sugar or pineapple juice if you want it a little sweet.

9. Serve as topping on whole wheat macaroni and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Enjoy.

--------------------------Food and Drink-------------------------

This is another entry for Food and Drink.

For more interesting Recipe... Click HERE!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Side Effects of Accutane

Accutane is a drug prescribed by doctors for the treatment of severe acne and for relief of symptoms of chemotherapy among cancer patients. It was such a powerful drug since the 80s however, it was found out that side effects of the drugs are too serious and debilitating to patients. That is why a lot of patients who took the drug have legal options for compensation and damages from the side effects of the treatment.

If you are taking this drug or someone in your family took the drug, you may want to know more about this drug and its side effects. Go to to find out how you can file for injury suits and get the justice you deserve.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Backsliding Dilemma

WEEK SEVEN: [For the review of the previous week... CLICK HERE]

Time flies so fast. It's the 7th week now. The first few weeks were okay in terms of motivation and hard work. The last couple of weeks were hard in terms of motivation and hard work.

I GAINED A COUPLE OF POUNDS! Yes, I had to admit I back-slided and became lazy and binged. Now I got what I deserved.

Oh well... that life. I did work out twice this week... at the Gym... on the treadmill... for 45 minutes. And I also went for a run in my neighborhood once.

But I ate rice... lots of Pinoy food... and went shopping! Yey! My Bad! Yes, I bought a new weighing scale but can't use it yet because I wasn't able to buy a lithium battery. My Bad, really!

But I did take a lot of photos of interesting things that I found on the road as usual and would like to share too. It's a tradition anyway. This week it's all about... The Mailboxes.

And yes, no scale photo this week again... because I don't want to state the obvious anymore. Maybe next week... when I get the chance to buy the lithium battery. wink*