Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting In Touch without Losing a Savings

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

In this age and time, technology has not only changed the way we communicate but how we live our lives as well. Communication is a way of life so to speak and to be able to reach out to people, we need tools that are efficient, effective and cost less.

Yes, in this tough economy we need to be able to make the most of our money and save for our future that is why Tracfone is a big help because it costs very little to get all members of the family a Tracfone so they can stay in touch, specially this summer.

So if you are looking for a great way to save money and still get connected… the Tracfone is one way to go. Why? Because TracFone has so many features:

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Monthly Plans:
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• Choose monthly plans with 200 minutes for under $30.00, and as low as $9.99 for 50 minutes.

International Long Distance:
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Phone Selection:
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Well, what are you waiting for? Those real TracFone customers already made their point. They are real people who have real needs. It’s time to get connected and stay connected while saving tons of money.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Golden Mushroom

Look what I stumbled upon while crossing the worn out bridge on my way down to the river to do gold panning one weekend. We didn't find gold but this golden mushroom made my day.

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What a Summer!

School will start soon and vacation is over. I had to admit, it has been a great summer for us weather and time, wise. Hubby and I spend most of our weekends this year up the mountain camping and gold panning. But when summer is over… this means we will be staying home again doing our regular weekend activity – movie marathon on “Direct TV” and enjoying tons of popcorn and beer.

In a week’s time, kids will be back in school and vacationing is over. This means that we will be out of the house most of the time again working hard or in my case, running outdoors when I can or if weather-permitting. So, this could also mean that we will leave our home empty which could be a great opportunity for burglary. But I don’t worry much about it because “home security auburn” gives me the peace of mind I need. And all I have to do is enjoy every minute working and running outdoors[ to shed the pounds off that I will be putting on from eating popcorn and drinking beer] until it’s time again to be with my hubby at the end of the day.

Ah… what a summer, indeed!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Confession of an Alien

Unknown to many, an immigrant here in the US is called "alien". That is what the "A" stands for when you get your Green Card. The letter A is followed by a series of number which became your permanent ID number. Yes, we "aliens" are "numbered". hahahaha
 [Me, 4 years ago.]

It sounds a little discriminating at first but eventually I got used to it and it didn't really affect me that much. It's just a little disturbing though knowing what "alien" really means to "earthlings". LOL

When I came here 4 years ago, I really felt like an alien. When I go in the grocery, kids would stare at me either in pure bewilderment or animosity. I can't blame them, I don't look ordinary like most of the people they see around them. When I open my mouth to speak, people had to say "What's that again?" because they can't understand my "alien accent" or they probably thought I was speaking in "tongues". And yes, nobody can actually tell me apart from other Asian people living in our area because we "aliens" practically look alike. hahaha

After four years of doing my grocery in the same store, I finally realized the other day that I am an "alien" no more. Or maybe, I still am. It's just that those people I meet every weekend when I do my grocery shopping got used to seeing me hovering from isle to isle browsing on every items on the sale list. I probably look familiar already because they don't give me a bewildered look and even say "hi" and would even stop to say "how yah doin?" And yes, kids now smile at me whenever I pass by.

Normally, it will only take me about thirty minutes to get done with my grocery shopping. That is when I won't be reading all the back labels of all the stuff I wanted to buy. But recently, it takes me more than two hours to do my errand simply because I would bump to some people I know and would chat for an average of 30 minutes. Yes, and this happens most of the time. It would even take more than 10 minutes for me to finish my bank transactions in the bank [which is located inside the grocery too] because I would have a chat with the Teller. And yes, Lindsey, my bank Teller and I are in "first name basis". We would even chat and catch up even if we see each other some place else.
[Me, with my "Earthling" friends.]

My Two Questions:
1. Did you ever feel like an alien or a foreigner in your own home?
2. How did you deal with the feeling of being alienated?

It's been four years now since I left the Philippines and have not been back since then. Oh how I miss home. And though Maine is my home now... I still feel homesick being at home. Maybe next year... I might go back for a visit. But for now... Maine is home and I am no longer an Alien.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Essential

Ah summer. What is summer without the aid of some awesome outdoor furniture around our house that made our sunny and not-so-sunny days complete? Yes, outdoor furniture is an essential part of my outdoor experience. Oh how I love lounging in our port in the middle of the day having a cold glass of homemade lemonade with sweet mint leaves from my herb garden while watching the birds feeding on my feeders or facebooking on my lappy. lol

There is nothing great than watching the sunset with my Hubby on our nice colorful and comfy Adirondack chairs and talking about how our day was.

There is nothing more exciting than having a weekend cookout at the backyard and enjoying lunch with friends around our Picnic Tables and feasting on lobsters. Yum!

There is nothing really fun than sitting on our Park Benches nicely placed under the maple trees lining our driveway and waiting for the mailman.

And there is nothing sweeter than listening to the laughter of the kids playing around the new playground equipment that we have installed early this spring.

Ah, summer. You will soon be over but all these special furniture that bear witness to all the fun and joy you bring will always be a part of our lives. Sure we will still enjoy all of this outdoor furniture one more season. They will surely bear witness again to another yet colorful and majestic New England Fall but it will not be long. Winter will pass and before long, it will be time to enjoy outdoors again… and life goes on with a little help from Terra Bound Solutions.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Spending Diet

Okay... this may sound ridiculous or disturbing perhaps but I am done. I am done going crazy with shopping and spending.

No, it's not official that I am turning my back on shopping. Who doesn't love shopping? It's the best therapy in the whole world. Expensive though. Wink*

But yes, it's official, I am on a "spending diet". It's the best I could do to trim my budget. Hard though. LOL

So how do I do that? I leave all my credit cards at home every time I go out. I can't trust myself when I am in a store. The safest thing to do is to keep them away from me and out of my sight so that I won't be tempted to get lured by the subliminal message hidden behind the sign - SALE 70% OFF.

But still, at the back of my mind I know that they are there... tuck neatly in my jewelry box. So there is still a great danger. And it scared me out of my wits.

And so, one day I came to my senses and cut them all up.
 Whew... that was easy!

P.S. The following day, I received a replacement card from one of them companies. Isn't the weird or destiny? hahaha. And oh by-the-way, I still go shopping... grocery shopping. We need to eat, you know. Wink. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Sewing Machine

I bought a mini sewing machine recently. I have been wanting to fix my jammies because they are too long for me and I always trip when I am wearing them. So I found this very small, battery-operated sewing machine for 15 bucks and I was so happy. I bought it and next thing I knew, I was buying fabric for curtains too.
So I tried to sew curtains. Ok, if you are wondering if I have any qualifications to sew anything... my answer is YES. My mom was the best dressmaker in town. She was the most sought-after wedding dressmaker in our little town and her reputation is flawless. She made practically most of the wedding dresses of the brides in our town. Too bad, she was already long gone when it was my turn to be a bride. [I shouldn't have waiting too long to get married. lol]
And this morning I was working on the ruffles of the curtains when all of a sudden one of the parts of the sewing machine flew off. And there goes my project. And no... I am not going to sew them by hands.

End of the story.

My Two Questions:
1. Is there project that you like to do for fun?
2. How do you react when the project you are working on didn't come out as you expected?

P.S. Just so you know... I will try to find that "part" first thing tomorrow morning so I can continue my project. wink*


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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weed Flower

I was exploring the woods one day when we spent another weekend gold panning at Byron, Maine. And these weed flowers are all over the place. They may look ordinary to me. Well, they are indeed ordinary. But I was amazed how the photo turned out when I took a snapshot on macro.

Thought of sharing it with you. Oh by the way... can anyone tell me the name of this flower? I am ignorant on this department. LOL Thanks.

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