Monday, January 16, 2012

My Friend’s Pain Gone… kinda

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I had a long conversation with my friend earlier. It was not a good one. Well, I can feel her pain because she just lost her job and now that she is under maintenance pills for her high blood pressure and prescription pills for her diabetes, she is really worried.

She was worried because apparently, Walgreens failed to renew its contract to continue to be a part of Express Scripts’ pharmacy provider network. Walgreens and Express Script contract ended last December 31st and this has a great impact on her family because most of their medications are managed through Express Scripts and Walgreens is the only pharmacy where they go to. It is the most convenient place to get her prescription refills because it’s just a walking distance from her home. She cannot even think of changing pharmacy because she also was able to establish a good relationship with her pharmacists Lisa and Amanda who is her daughter’s Godmother.

Good thing I know what she is talking about and told her that favorite pharmacy is doing its best to help its customers ease their burden through Walgreens Prescription Savings Club which offers special discount on annual membership and savings on over 8,000 brand-name and all generic medications. I also told her that she can get discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions for her beloved dog Bubbles, nebulizers for her daughter and her diabetic supplies. And she can get bonuses every time she purchases Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services. With a $10 a year family membership, her family is all set, including Bubbles.

When she heard this, she kinda calmed down. So I told her, if you are happy with what they did to help people like you… like Walgreens on Facebook and follow Walgreens on Twitter because offer like this is a huge thing in this tough economy. So, to you my friends out there, let’s help support Walgreens and do the same.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Scene

This scenery makes me want to run outdoors despite the cold weather.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's Resolution... overrated?

Ok it's the start of a new year. Yeah... yeah.. yeah... So what else is new aside from the fact that we move one to the next calendar year? As for me, my procrastination issues are very well in-forced. hahaha.

Yeah, if you have noticed, most bloggers posted their first blog for the year on the - first day of the year. Me, it's the 2nd week already or half of the first month of the year. So there is really nothing new. If there is really new, it's I am writing at all. I have been busy and it's not an alibi, it's a way of life now.

So, my questions are:
1. Do you do New Year's Resolution thingies?
2. Do you actually do it? hahaha

Well, for me, I don't. I tried many times only to fail. So I just do what I feel like doing on the given day and move on from there. And yes, I actually do it... for sometime and forget all about it around the 3rd month of the year. LOL.

But the big thing that really happened last year was I made a new year's resolution around March and I am still doing it. I am renewing my promise and I did it.
[Photo Credit: Maine Running Company]

Last year, I promised that I will take in-charge of my health and started running. I ran 7 races [5k] last year and I started with my first 5k this year. Hopefully, I will be able to run one race every month. And I want to keep it simple and uncomplicated.

Happy New Year all.

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