Monday, July 15, 2013

Back to Basic

More than 5 years ago, I started blogging out of boredom. When I moved here in the US I totally made a drastic change in terms of lifestyle and preoccupation. Being uprooted from the place I've known all my life was a struggle that I had to face with courage I didn't know I had.
[This is me pre-blogging age.]

Blogging opened up an entirely new world for me since then. I taught myself how to tweek and google stuff that I need to know to explore the world wide web revolution. And I became at home with the cyberworld. I found friends and found new freedom I didn't know exist.

With my new found experience with technology, I learned how to make myself productive and useful. Then I learned to monetize on the skill that I self-taught. I bought my own url address which I think gave me enough confidence to explore other possibilities that technology has to offer.

Then, I got busy with work. I got side-tracked with new preoccupations. I got blind-sided with things that seem more important than my passion - writing. Now, one thing is sure, I need to work on my multi-tasking skill more.

Then, I backslid and realized that technology didn't stand still to wait for me to be ready again. It moved on when I turned around and now I am out-of-reach... or is it the other way around. I had to admit, I felt that I am standing in the middle of nowhere. I don't know where to start and to move on. And I need to teach myself all over again because... whatever I know about blogging is obsolete.
[And this is me... side-tracked at the trail.]

Back to basic and who's fault is that? Now I need to learn how to get a domain for this blog and get it rolling again. Education is indeed a lifetime process. Hayyyy!!!!

Who said life is full of drama?