Thursday, October 31, 2013

My 1st Make-Over Tutorial (and Mug Shots)

I am not a professional make-up artist. The title fo this post should not even be "My 1st Make-Up Tutorial" in the first place. What was I thinking? LOL

Anyway, I just want to share something I do on a daily basis. Actually, I wish I could say something like - "I received a lot of letters from people asking me how I do my make-up..."  but I can't because it is not true. hahahaha But I am doing this tutorial anyways to give my millions (bluffing alert!) of readers an unsolicited advice on make-up application.

So here we go. I provided photos of each step with corresponding product I used in each step. This make-up application is easy-breezy so no skill required just some make-up products and mirror. It takes only 5 minutes to apply.

I start with a clean face and a moisturizer. I use St. Ives. It's the product recommended by Dr. Oz. I really don't know if it is effective for me because all the moisturizers that I have used so far have not given me any skin problem. So there is no point of comparison.
In most make-up tutorial blogs that I read and even those I watched in You Tube, it is highly recommended to use moisturizer before applying make up. The moisturizer serves as primer too so applying make-up is easier because it gives the face a smooth surface. Here, you can still see my blemishes. (yuck!) [Geez... I think my photo looks like a mug shot of an arrested woman for DUI. LOL.]
After moisturizer I put on CC cream by Hard Candy. It's kinda like the famous BB cream, the only difference is  - it has different letters. It's an all-in-one correction cream that acts as primer, moisturizer, foundation and who-knows. Here you can notice that my blemishes are not completely gone but somehow unnoticeable. It also gives a radiant looking skin. [This photo looks like a mug shot of a woman arrested for falsification of public documents  LOL]
I asked a Sales Associates of MAC make-up at the Mall one time what the BB cream is for and she told me that it's just another fancy thing that you can put on your face to look pretty. Well, something to that effect. She said it in a fancy way of course but that's how I interpreted it. Anyway, she told me too that BB cream will not give me enough coverage due to my skin type. Still, I interpreted it differently. After the CC cream I  apply liquid foundation for full coverage. Now, you will notice that my blemishes are almost non-existent but I look ghostly. I need to tone down my color. [This photo looks like a mug shot of a woman arrested for speeding and resisting arrest.]
To tone down my ghostly look, I applied loose powder all over my face. This gave me a natural look effect, I think. Notice too that I also prepped my brows to tame them. Oh geez, they are so wild and out-of-control. [This mug shot is a woman arrested for bouncing checks. LOL]
So these are the mug shots of my before and after make-up application. Notice that my blemishes are almost invisible to the naked eyes and my face looks flawless, doesn't it? wink*** Notice the difference with my brows. [I will have a separate follow-up post for that.] But this isn't finish yet.
Then I applied ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer all over my face and put some colors or eye shadow on my eyes too. I also applied a couple layers of mascara  to enhance my eyes. [This is now a mug shot of a woman arrested for selling fake goods.]
Lastly, I applied bronzing powder to contour my cheekbones and to add shape to my face. [This doesn't look like a mug shot anymore, does it?]
Then, with a huge ELF powder brush, I brushed my whole face to blend the bronzer and to shake off excess powder to achieve smoothness and a more natural look. I finished off by applying a nude lipstick. Now, this is no longer a mug shot of a woman arrested for any type of misdemeanor but a woman who needed to comb her hair. Arggg!] LOL

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2. If you are a woman or a man: Do you have any skin care routine?

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm an ELF Girl

I'm a girly-girl. I wear all things girly. And I put anything girly. That includes make-up. I am lucky that I'm blessed with healthy skin and I don't have to deal with skin problems. Though I do experience breakouts every now and then but I don't think breakouts like me much so they will be gone in two days tops.
My new stash.

I don't usually buy expensive make-ups. And if I do have expensive make-ups they are either gifts or I got them on clearance.
Recently, through blog hops and pinterest and you tubes, I discovered some products that I once ignored for 2 reasons. 1. They are "cheap". Not-so-wise thinking dictates that cheap items are poor or low quality. So I shun from it for fear that I may ruin my skin.
2. I don't know anybody who can vouch on the quality or effectiveness of the items. If I have not seen any commercial about the products it means that they are not effective or worth buying since they are cheap enough to even promote it.
But I was glad that I was brave enough to try on the E.L.F. products that getting popular and good reviews in blog-o-sphere and highly recommended in pinterest and you tube.
Now I am a happy E.L.F. Girl. And NO - I am not the new Spokesperson for the product nor got paid for blogging about it. Oh, how I wish!
But I am just happy that these products work so well on my skin and my pocket.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let's get accessorized

Well, let me educate you in the understanding of human nature most specifically speaking… the female species. Naks! And let me be more specific about the female species and talk about one specific aspect of them – the fashion sense [or senses because there is more to it, I believe].

NOTE: Let me warn you first before I proceed. This is only my personal opinion and does not intend to influence others so ignore me if you must.

There are three factors that a woman needs to know to justify their wrong doings.

1. NECESSITY. Accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelries [just to name a few] are essential to a woman’s total personality because they make them beautiful and most importantly- happy. No argument, period!

2. SAFETY. Women need to accessories to be able to live more comfortably and safely because accessories can help avert evil. For instance, your killer stiletto can literally kill someone who is trying to steal your 3 karats diamond earrings. And,

3. INVESTMENT. In times of depression, be it the economic aspect where you are laid off from work or the emotional aspect where you feel down and needs some pick-me-up, accessories can save the day. You can sell your most priced accessories and earned cash or you can brag about them to make other women jealous and that… is a great "pick-me-up".

Well, don’t alienate us women for being so materialistic. In this shallow worldly life of commercialism there is one thing to keep in mind… life is empty without shopping. hahahaha
So Happy Shopping to all!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn 2013

With 2 jobs and working 12 hours a day, all I want to do on a weekend is to spend one whole day in my PJs and stay in bed without guilt feeling. I wish I still have the time to do any photowalk like I used to.
Luckily, I was invited to a pre-Halloween Party in New Hampshire last weekend and was able to take some awesome photos of Fall 2013. Though I still preferred to stay home that day, spending a day with some Filipina friends was a rare change that I can swap with my PJs.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Craving Alert!

Brrrrr, it is cold! Yeah, it's indeed fall. It's time to get through my winter tote and sort out its content. I need to get all my winter stuff out because the temperature is surely going down. It will surely not get any hotter now since winter is lurking behind.
Arroz Caldo or Lugaw - a Filipino rice based soup
And in times like this, I can't help it to eat more. Now I am craving for Arroz Caldo. The one that I had on Mhel's birthday party in New Hampshire.


My Two Questions and Thursday Thoughts to ponder: 
1. Do you like cold weather?
2. Do you have food cravings when it is cold?

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

How I got into Running

I am not a big sports fanatic. I never like sports to be honest with you. When I was growing up I hated Physical Education. I think it will ruin my personality. I hated the feeling of sweat. LOL So I never played any sports. Not even tag-your-it. Well that is not a sports. Whatever.
But now I am into running. That is a sports, isn't it? And I get sweaty. It all started with a walk, though. And it all started here. And I blog about it too.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pork Ribs with onion and pepper

I love eating. Well, you already know that by now. And I love to play with toys. That one is new to all of you. I don't tell anyone that I love to play with toys until now. Or I just made it up to put drama to this post. LOL.

My new favorite toy is my slow cooker. I'm a lazy cook. That I have to admit only now. I love to cook but I love to do it the lazy way. And slow cooking is the way... the truth... and the life - of a lazy cook.

So here I am wanting to share with you another experimental cooking. Experimental it is because I just gather whatever is available in my refrigerator.

I call this dish... Pork Ribs with Onion and Pepper - the only food left in my refrigerator.
I seasoned the ribs with Mrs. Dash Salt Free table seasoning. Put them in the slow cooker dish.
I added the chopped onions, 1/2 cup teriyaki marinade and sauce, 2 tablesspoons brown sugar, 2 tablespoons oyster sauce.
I set the slow cooker on high and cooked it for 6 hours. I added the pepper after 4 hours because I want the peppers a little crunchy.
I ate it with steamed brown rice. Chow!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Do you scream for Ice Cream?

I love ice cream! Who doesn't, anyway? Well, it isn't summer anymore and by this time most of the ice cream shop we frequented during the summertime are already closed for business.

But that doesn't mean we cannot have your ice cream. How about some ice cream that never melts and never run out? wink*

How about some cool ice accessories?
This strawberry flavor ice cream scoop and ice cream cone combo pendant goes well with a leather necklace. as with the pink ball chain necklace and...
 ... a single scoop with pink beads also in pink chain necklace.

 And match the necklaces with ice scream scoops dangling or stud earrings set. Way to cool, huh!
The ice cream scoop dangling earrings set.
 The ice cream scoop and cone combo dangling earrings set.
The ice cream scoop stud earrings set.

And oh, by the way, we also have chocolate flavor ice cream accessories. wink**
 Chocolate scoop and cone in leather necklace.
 Chocolate scoop dangling earrings set.
And chocolate single scoop in silver ball chain necklace.

By the way, they are small so they are choking hazard to kids 5 years and younger. And yes, They are for sale! So if you are interested... Fill out my form!. You can also view all my items at my craft website It's-A-Craft.


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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Alliance of Orona Siblings

A month ago I featured my brother Japol's new website - my rolling-stone-kind of life. As a good sister I am, I helped him in every way possible to have his website took off. Now he is on his own. Well, sort of. I'm still babysitting his blog every now and then. LOL

My brothers from the same mother - Gary and Japol

As most of my loyal blogs visitors (I wonder if I really do have some) and virtual friends alike know... I have another brother from the same mother named - Gary. He is the artist of the family. The real one! Japol and I claimed that we are artists when he is not around just for the heck of it. But Gary is the real deal and he makes money as an artists. His work has something to do with art. He is a graduate of Architecture and a Designer in HongKong.
Gary - the Artist in his flat in HongKong

And just like Japol and I, he is also a photo enthusiast, a painter, a writer and a blogger. Yes, the Orona siblings share the same hobbies, passion and interests. That explains why we also share one special blog - the Depth of Fields and Words.

But this post is about Gary and his new interest. And I am back to feature yet another website of this other brother of mine from the same mother. LOL. Yes, Gary has a new website called - The Alliance!
And yes, it is now live online. It is his dream come true. Well, I was guessing though. When, we were little, he drew a lot of stuff and wasted a lot of papers and art materials. Like any typical boy of his age he drew a lot of super heroes and cartoons. He bought and read a lot of comics mostly about super heroes and cartoons too. Eventually, he made his own super hero comic strips.
But unknown to me, he is still into super heroes until now and finally wrote his first Graphic Novel that he hopes one day will be made into a "Super Hero Movie". A couple of months ago he told me that he and his artist friend Cyril are doing a Super Heroes comics. The Alliance is a collaboration of Gary and his artist friend Cyril and together they will conquer the world of modern graphic literature.
The brains of The Alliance - Gary and Cyril.

So yeah, it's now official. The Alliance is now out and ready to conquer the world.
Hope you guys will check out his blog and see for yourself these Super Heroes online as they save the world one chapter at a time and before you watch it on the big screen. WINK***

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aling Ruthi's Sarsa ng Lechon

Last weekend I decided to cook "lechon kawali" (pan-roasted pork) for lunch. Lechon is a Filipino dish and one of my comfort foods. The lechon kawali part was easy-breezy. But without the "sarsa ng lechon" (liver sauce), it's just fried pork.
However, when we talk about "lechon", we always talk about Mang Tomas Sarsa ng Lechon too. Yes, those two are inseparable. They are married to each other. Too bad, we ran out of Mang Tomas so the Left-Over Diva went to the rescue.
I made my own sarsa ng lechon out of Reno liver spread.
In a sauce pan, I mixed half a cup of cane vinegar, half a cup of brown sugar 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, 1/4 teaspoon of garlic salt and 1/4 teaspoon of garlic pepper. Then I opened 3 cans of Reno Liver Spread which I brought home when I went home last summer of 2012.
I brought to boil the mixture until everything is incorporated and thickened.
And serve it with my lechon kawali and fried tofu with my cucumber atsara as sidings to further boost my appetite. The verdict --- it's better than Mang Tomas' according to Medy. Sorry! LOL

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