New Year, Better ME

Last year was a total rollercoaster ride.

Well, maybe not really that kind of scenario. Maybe that's just ME - over exaggerating things as usual because if you actually know me, that is not really the case.

On hindsight, the year that was, was exactly not as bad compared to the last 53 years of my existence. Sure there were moments that were not as good as the other and the rest was not as bad either. In other words, last year was a typical year only different.

It was what it was meant to be.

This year, I was actually hoping that things will be a little better. And I was hopeful that things will make ME a better person than last year because after 53 years,

I decided to make myself a priority.

But the thing is, I don't exactly have a clue how to do it.

And that's my biggest challenge, so to speak.

So 2019 came smoothly with a little change in my perspective and priorities. I went on with my life doing my business-as-usual - the Ruthilicious Way... like getting hooked on social media FB-ing like there's no tomorrow,  Instagramming left and right and yoga-ing like crazy. And despite of all of those craziness, I still wake up at 4AM to work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week while managing my self-esteem afloat, keeping my curly hair frizz-less and trying to stay out of trouble at the same time.

Then, before January ends I hit a jackpot!

Ok, hang in there and keep your big girl's yoga pants up because I'm giving more details on that.

So I saw this Giveaway Challenge on IG and thought, "why not? I'm a sucker for giveaways anyway so let's do it!"

Well, if you are not spending much time in social media like I do, you might not know what I am talking about. But the odds of you not knowing what I'm talking about might be slim so let's move on.

Despite my crazy and hectic schedule, I've joined every single giveaway, fitness challenge and whatnots that people are offering in planet IG. So this one is just another giveaway that will either make me win the prize (assuming that the Universe is aligning in my favor or just simply feeling lucky) or lose my precious hours of sleep on social media carnival.

Anyway, the giveaway challenge is called, "New Year-Better Me Giveaway". It sounds right and promising. I thought, it was just what I needed to jumpstart my 2019 goal for a "Better ME" thingy. So I joined.

And just like any giveaway or challenge in IG, there's a set of rules to follow to qualify. 1. I liked the post. 2. I followed all the hosts/sponsors (@yogaclubbox, @crystalgrayyoga, @lightthesparkwithin, @clarissa_mae_, @yoga.erun and @auroralyrayoga). 3. I tagged a friend ( I tagged my yoga teacher Nichole of Sun Salutations Yoga and Wellness Center) and 4. lastly, answered the question, "what is your intention for the new year"?

Without giving it a thought after doing Rules 1,2, and 3 (maybe not in that order) I wrote without batting an eyelash...

"My intention for the New Year is to be happy again. I want to do the things that I love and I want to make myself a priority and take care of myself because I have been taking care of other people for a long time that I lost myself in the process. I want to be more compassionate, caring, kinder and set boundaries so that people will no longer take advantage of me. And lastly, I want to take a Yoga Teacher Training Course not because I want to be a Yoga Teacher but to deepen my Yoga practice. And to be able to understand the WHYs and HOWs of the practice."


I felt like I was in the stage in front of a big audience in Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant giving my crown-worthy and award-winning answer to the Q and A portion of the contest.

Then in the center of my heart, I felt a funny and strange feeling so unknown to me. My brain at the same time was telling me something I couldn't understand. And somewhere around me there was something giving me a hint or someone whispering to me that...

I nailed it!

The week passed by without any anticipation and I totally forgot about the giveaway to be honest with you.

Then, I got a DM (that's direct message in IG lingo in case you are one of those not into social media) from the four hosts and sponsors of the giveaway which I totally forgotten about.


I can't freakin' believe it!

I have not won anything in my entire life until now. "I must have done something right or good after all!", I mused.

There were over 300 participants who joined the giveaway, 4 cool prizes but only 1 winner. And I was that only winner and that not only made me feel special... that made me BLESSED!

I was so overwhelmed I pooped my yoga pants, well almost.

Life is a journey.

I have heard that a million times. I have written the very same words a million times in my blogs, in my comments and shoutouts in FB and IG, in my journal and I said it in my heart a trillion times when I am faced with trials and adversity. I said it over and over again during those times that my brain and my heart and my soul are not in the same vibration with my body. I believed it sometimes and other times I hated myself to have believed that crap.

But time and again I emerged as a victor. Victory is my reward for standing strong against the odds in my life. It wouldn't be 53 years of life journey if I had succumbed to human weaknesses a decade ago. I wouldn't celebrate the victory today if I didn't shut my brain up from those nagging thoughts that held me back from fighting against reasons and logic. And I wouldn't be able to write and share these blessings in social media if I didn't stand up for myself.

Life is a journey and I am putting on my big girl's stilettos to STRUT MY WAY UP TO A BETTER ME!

1. YogaClub Box
2. Crystal Gray of the Yoga Goddess Academy
3. Clarissa and Erin of Light the Spark Within
4. Aurora Lyra of Rooted and Rising

Thank you all for being the instruments for these wonderful blessings that will help me become a BETTER ME. Your timing couldn't be any better at this point in my life. You are God-sent. More blessings back to you all.

Watch out for my next blogs. I will blog about those prizes I got from the Giveaway individually. I will write about them in 4 different posts to highlight each one of them. They are really cool I promise you. And you will be all jealous in a nice way. Namaste.