About ME


Welcome to my Blog.

I'm Ruthinian, whole Filipino part Mainer. I am the owner of this Blog.

This blog is my first-born (I used to have 8 blog babies, now they're down to two) and it was conceived out of boredom my desire to remain productive. It is created as my alibi to avoid doing chores to keep an online journal where I write about LIFE ("my life" mostly and of others' who are part of my life). This blog is made to document how I live my life - The Ruthilicious Way.

I was born and raised in the Philippines (hence, the greeting). I am strong-willed, stubborn, and freewheeling. I am obsessed with shoes, hats, scarves and purses. I love running, yoga and currently, working on my headstand. I like green - green tea, green smoothie and anything or everything with a hint of green.

I have a degree in Education and was a High School Teacher in the Philippine Public High School for 11 years before immigrating to the United States. At the moment, I am still in the education path helping special needs children and supporting classroom teachers in the US Public School.

Writing is my first love. I learned to write way before I entered Kindergarten and I wrote on the walls first before I knew about the purpose of paper. When I became a teacher, I taught my students how to write and helped them find joy in writing.

I have varied hobbies. I love creating beautiful things and experimenting with different stuff (not the science kind though). Thus, DIY-ing, party planning, designing, and handcrafting have turned into some kind of addiction. While photography, travel, food, and fitness are my preoccupations if I am not busy with my "real" occupation.

I created this blog not just to address my boredom or to document my personal experiences and takes on every single thing I am obsessing with but to have a place where I can freely express myself in the written words. It is my hope that someday I will be able to publish a book that would represent my fruitful existence as my legacy.

As a blogger, my intention to blog is to get paid for it. Writing is hard work. Getting compensated is a good motivation to keep me writing. And without being blunt. I created this blog to be a money-making machine able to get freebies (e.i. free shoes, hats, scarves, purses, food, drink, yoga... you get the point, right?) in exchange for honest opinions, reviews, promotions, paid Ads and the like. It is my dream too that I will evolve into a high-paid content creator and build my own brand that I can be proud of or make me a millionaire. Yeah, we all have weird dreams. I'm working on it. But for now, I have this blog.

For questions, violent reactions, comments or just to say "hello" or maybe you want to learn a second language - Filipino... shoot me an email at [mytoolbox AT ruthiniangregoire DOT com]

Maraming Salamat Po! [Thank you!]

This page is constantly changing and evolving as I am too. So feel free to come and take a peek every now and then to see what's going on and what I have become so far. And check me out if I already succeeded in my "headstand". You will make me happy by doing so. Seriously.