My Sewing Machine

I bought a mini sewing machine recently. I have been wanting to fix my jammies because they are too long for me and I always trip when I am wearing them. So I found this very small, battery-operated sewing machine for 15 bucks and I was so happy. I bought it and next thing I knew, I was buying fabric for curtains too.
So I tried to sew curtains. Ok, if you are wondering if I have any qualifications to sew anything... my answer is YES. My mom was the best dressmaker in town. She was the most sought-after wedding dressmaker in our little town and her reputation is flawless. She made practically most of the wedding dresses of the brides in our town. Too bad, she was already long gone when it was my turn to be a bride. [I shouldn't have waiting too long to get married. lol]
And this morning I was working on the ruffles of the curtains when all of a sudden one of the parts of the sewing machine flew off. And there goes my project. And no... I am not going to sew them by hands.

End of the story.

My Two Questions:
1. Is there project that you like to do for fun?
2. How do you react when the project you are working on didn't come out as you expected?

P.S. Just so you know... I will try to find that "part" first thing tomorrow morning so I can continue my project. wink*


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  1. I wish you were near. You could have one of mine. I used to own a sewing business and have a couple. :-) Do they have freecycle by you?

  2. Hello Ruthi, glad you could join TTQ this week. Six blogs...I say- you're wonder woman! I want that cute little sewing machine too. Where did you get it? I have a regular Singer, it's been a gem!
    1) I would like to redo all my albums and photos of the kids. Really organize from birth to present. It will be quite a big job, but I imagine the three albums to be the best show offs in the house.
    2) Depressed. I started taking out the tile on my wall and realized I can't do it by myself. I put holes in the wall and had to hide it with my coffee machine. Now, a year later, I still have to see it everyday, and it is depressing! I should have left it alone...

  3. Uh, oh. As soon as I started reading your post I knew what was going to happen. Those small sewing machines (as you've found out) are great for hemming and little projects, but they're not made for sewing curtains. Curtains are the biggest sewing projects you can find!

    Anyway, to answer your questions - I like sewing things for around the house. I have a large sewing machine my MIL gave to me. It's great for school uniform adjusting, curtains, cushions - The Works! I love it. I gather all my sewing projects and wait to do them all at once when I have a few hours to spare.

    I started a new diy blog because we're just finishing up a large project - doing up a neglected, old house we bought. Many of these projects went wrong, but we just kept going. What else were we going to do, right?

  4. I am thinking of starting a project to grow herbs for the winter, and I am getting to it this weekend when I have time.

    It would not be fun if the project yield no good results.

    Sorry about the sewing machine, Ruthi. I hope you'll find the part.

  5. 1. My project is organizing all my photos, that they are easy to find since mine would you believe only have dates on the folder and the picture names are IMG_. That is the reason why I failed to share a lot of our adventure trips in my blog because when I get home in San Diego, I keep on shooting and the old files get dumped with the new one. I realized it is a lot of work, so now, when I upload new pictures, I make new folder right away with specific name. I do not find this project fun since it is so time consuming and my fingers feel the pain from holding the mouse and typing in keyboard, I end up most of the time in Facebook :)
    2. when we did our floor before, we realized we put the laminate side by side, and they became obvious, we were too lazy and tired to correct it, so just decided to continue but doing the right thing already. we told ourselves then we will go back and redo the mistake, but it has been 3 or 4 years now, we haven't done it. talk about procrastination :(