Let's get accessorized

Well, let me educate you in the understanding of human nature most specifically speaking… the female species. Naks! And let me be more specific about the female species and talk about one specific aspect of them – the fashion sense [or senses because there is more to it, I believe].

NOTE: Let me warn you first before I proceed. This is only my personal opinion and does not intend to influence others so ignore me if you must.

There are three factors that a woman needs to know to justify their wrong doings.

1. NECESSITY. Accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelries [just to name a few] are essential to a woman’s total personality because they make them beautiful and most importantly- happy. No argument, period!

2. SAFETY. Women need to accessories to be able to live more comfortably and safely because accessories can help avert evil. For instance, your killer stiletto can literally kill someone who is trying to steal your 3 karats diamond earrings. And,

3. INVESTMENT. In times of depression, be it the economic aspect where you are laid off from work or the emotional aspect where you feel down and needs some pick-me-up, accessories can save the day. You can sell your most priced accessories and earned cash or you can brag about them to make other women jealous and that… is a great "pick-me-up".

Well, don’t alienate us women for being so materialistic. In this shallow worldly life of commercialism there is one thing to keep in mind… life is empty without shopping. hahahaha
So Happy Shopping to all!


  1. Hi my first comment whoopee...[url=http://lowerlevelradio.com/Jimmi1034].[/url]

  2. Hello Ruthi!

    I totally get what you mean and I couldn't agree more hehe...


  3. Since I began blogging, my organization skill disappeared :-(

  4. hahaha, again, you never failed to put a smile on my face, lol at the necessity because it makes us happy!

  5. Hehehe I miss laughing out loud with you! Lately I have discovered my love for bling blings and bags and shoes ♥ Is there a cure? :)