The Bag Person is a Shoe Lady too

Okay let’s be blunt about it. I am not a "shopaholic"! Seriously, I am not. So to those people who think otherwise… this is what I have to say… You are entitled to your own opinion. Hahahaha

I had to admit, aside from bags… I love shoes too. I am not saying it in a negative way… but I am not very proud of it either. But do I have an alibi? Yes… I am a girl… so do the math! Wink*

Aside from my passion for bags – which I already wrote about and my jewelries – which I will soon write about too… shoes, are another weakness of mine that I cannot deny no matter how hard I tried.

I love my shoes. My shoes are my strength and inspiration. They are the driving force to my desire to live. Nah! Ok, ok, I admit it is over-dramatic. So let’s just cut the drama and get down to business.

Footwear fascinates me. Footwear or shoes bring out the woman in me. And like bags, they also tell something about the person’s personality. But I will not discuss the psychological assessment of a person’s personality based on the shoes they're wearing because I don’t have the necessary credentials to do so. I just want to make a statement that I simply love shoes in all style, color and height. I love my pumps… my wedge… my mules… my sling-backs… my stilettos… my sneakers… even my flip-flops… and of course, my boots.

And if you will categorize me, I am not just a “Shoe Lady” but [most specifically] a “Boot Lady” as well. I got all kinds of boots. I have rain boots… winter boots… and boots in different heights.
I love my rain boots because they keep my feet dry during rainy days and nasty muddy days [during the end of the winter and start of the spring seasons] to do simple errands like doing postcard mailing services or washing my car.
I love my black boots in all heights because I can wear them any time I feel like it regardless of the kind of season we have here in Maine.
I love my LL Bean winter boots because they keep my feet warm during winter time whether I go to work or ice-fishing.
And I love my furry and UGG boots because they are stylist and keep my feet warm and comfy during freezing and brutally cold temperature.
Well, being a shoe lady, I know that life will not be the same without my boots. So, God Bless the Shoemakers! LOL


  1. you missed my favorite shoes and boots, Ruthi, hiking shoes and hiking boots :) Hahaha! hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. @Betchai... I didn't miss your favorite boots... it's just that I don't have one because I don't do hiking. hahahaha. I am too lazy to do that but don't worry you somewhat convinced me through your awesome photos that I should do that too. It will surely make Hubby happy because he loves hiking.

  3. Your blog is fun and I enjoy it very much.I do hope you will come visit my site.

  4. @Windie... thanks for visiting. Sure I will also pay you a visit. See yah around.

  5. Hello Ruthi....No one can really blame a woman for having too many shoes.LOL!

    How I wish, I could wear boots here. Better stick with my sandal booties. haha