Friday, March 12, 2010

Bye Winter... Hello Spring?

It's almost spring! I can almost smell it. I can feel it. Just a little patience and I know I will wake up one day and it is already at my doorstep.

But in fairness to winter... I am so glad that I survived another winter. It would have been a fun winter if only I was able to ride my snowmobile more often.

And if only I was able to go ice-fishing even just once. Because those are the best part of winter for me.

But then, I am so happy that the snow bank is almost gone... the grass is already showing up... the trees are budding now... and the temperature is warming up.

I guess... this is the shortest winter I've ever experience since I came here. For the last couple of years winter was brutally cold. I can remember that it was already last week of April and we still had snow shower and the snow banks were still higher than me.

But winter is not really that bad after all. Aside from the outdoor activities that I truly enjoy... winter also can bring out the best in every person and the economy.

Yes... we can save on electric bill in some point with the natural refrigeration system

and improvised food heater. LOL

But spring is almost here... and winter will be left behind... together with the bad experiences we had... and move on to another season as we await another winter in a not so distant future ahead.


betchai said...

this is a fun post Ruthi. I read that there is warming in the North (Canada had unusually warmer winter too than what they used to have), and the El Nino brought these snows to the South, like DC and most other States South of Maine had their most snow in decades.

Beautiful pictures, would love to try snow mobile someday,

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

You are both innovative and creative. Love your ice box w/o a plug, but it is soon to vanish like the wicked witch of west - melting....


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Could you really enjoy soda with that freezing cold temperature? But I love that you took advantage of the heater and the natural refrigeration system of ice. lol!

I would love to experience ice- fishing one day.
Really Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great day Ruthi!

Ruthi said...

@Betchai... Yes, the climate is getting crazier... even in the Phils... my SIL told me that they have El Nino there.

Ruthi said...

@Judy... I know it is really almost springtime... and it will not hurt my feelings if the ice will all melt. LOL. I want to see some flowers in the garden now.

Ruthi said...

@Buttery... yes Amiga... it's just like ice-cold soda. It didn't freeze it like ice though. And yes ice-fishing is fun... if you can take the cold weather. wink*

Icy BC said...

Ruthi, if you still want snow, I'll send it to you when we get hit..Those photos are icy cold, but wonderful though.