To the Strongest Woman I've Ever Known

Here's to the Strongest Woman I've ever known - MYSELF!

Call me selfish. Call me egotistical. Call me self-obsessed. Call me crazy. And call me whatever you want. But I don't really care!

No one knew what I've been through.
No one felt the pain I had to endure.
And no one walked the path I walked on.

Growing up my Mom was the only woman I know whose faith in me was as strong as the narra. Whose conviction was firm yet flexible as the bamboo tree. And whose love was unshakeable as the oak.

She was the stronghold that made me feel secure and protected. She was the epitome of a Goddess whose power and mightiness are the main reasons why I am what I am.

As I begin to take a major shift in my life's journey, I've learned through meditation and affirmation that our thoughts are the foundations of our reality. Seeing, believing and owning them can be manifested in ways we can never imagine.

So here's to the strongest, fearless and amazing woman who my Mom raised with absolute dedication and kindness - MYSELF!


I want to remind and tell MYSELF that...

"You are HAPPY and will always be despite all the sadness you see around you and you felt yourself. Sadness is no longer welcome in your heart. Sadness no longer serves its purpose in your happy life. Let go."

"You are FEARLESS because you have the power within YOU to tackle all the hurdles that block your way to achieve your heart's desires. Fear is no longer your friend. You already broke up with it. Walk away."

"You are AMAZING and never ever doubt it again even if people and situations will make you think and feel otherwise. Your power comes from within and it can never be taken away from you. Own it."

BE GRATEFUL MYSELF to all the things, feelings, situations and people that came and went into your life.
They are part of who you are and what you've become.
They were placed in your path for a reason.
And they were also given to serve a specific purpose.

FORGIVE YOURSELF for all the guilt that you have been harboring all these years. It wasn't your fault that you made mistakes and wrong choices. You are naive.

FORGIVE your HEART for LOVING so deeply for the wrong reasons. It wasn't its fault. You are vulnerable.

FORGIVE YOURSELF for not loving as deeply as you should those people who gave their all to you. It could be your fault. You are sometimes insensitive. But forgive yourself anyway.

TODAY IS ANOTHER day to reflect on yesterday's agenda. Today is just another year to move on and leave the past behind. And today is another opportunity to be GRATEFUL to FORGIVE and to LET GO of all the things that don't serve you anymore.

STAND UP and face the sun. FEEL the warmth of the fire within you. And SEE the light shining through the clouds. The storm is over. The rainbow is out. And another page will need to be written out in the new chapter of your life.

RISE UP and RECEIVE your reward for being the WOMAN THAT YOU ARE.

YOU are a powerhouse of CREATIVITY - USE it!
YOU are a vessel of POSITIVITY - SPREAD it!

And to all the WONDERFUL WOMEN I know and all the women in the WORLD...

Happy International Women's Day. 

Show your power to the world and IGNITE the FIRE in your heart to sow KINDNESS and LOVE. The WORLD needs them.


May the BLISS in ME acknowledge the BLISS in YOU!