#ruthiliciousTravels: Feeling my Goddess Vibes in Athens, Greece

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. 
- Plato 428-348 BC Athens, Greece

The year 2019 brought a lot of energies and changes in my current predicament.

Life has been a roller coaster ride towards the end of last year. And I'm not gonna lie, I was so consumed by all the gloomy patches that I had to navigate here and there. It was too overwhelming due to a lot of reasons that I am not ready to share at the moment. However, at the start of the new year, my life took a major turn of events and it was tremendously amazing and unbelievably awesome. And for that, I am forever grateful.

So this year, the Universe gave me an awesome gift to balance my low energy out. I got the chance to visit one of the places I have on my bucket list... Greece.

The White and Blue flag of Greece proudly welcomes Tourists all over the world at the top of the Acropolis.

Greece is one of the many places I dream to see because it is one of the significant places I taught in History over 20 years ago. It is the birthplace of Democracy, the originator of the Olympic Games and one of the countries in Europe that boasts of its unique and historical architectures.

The Parthenon and surrounding pieces of evidence of historical value.

I taught World and Asian History subjects in High School when I was a teacher in the Philippine Public School for 11 years. Though I would probably need to reread my reference books and the textbooks that I used back then to be able to recall the history of those places or just probably google it, the feelings that I had when I was teaching about it to my students will never be forgotten.

My fascination for this land of the gods and goddesses will forever be in my heart.

This year, I got the opportunity to see Greece and crossed this country out of my bucket list (but put it back in because I want to revisit the place with my family).

The Parthenon stands majestically for thousand of years as proof that ancient civilization has exorbitant craftsmanship. 

I arrived at Athens International Airport quite early. Too early for my Airbnb check-in. As per my Airbnb host advice, I dropped off my luggage in the airport's baggage check-in and took Bus X93 that brought me straight to the city of Athens which is about 30 minutes ride.

When the bus reached its final stop, it didn't take long to find myself walking in the ancient city of Athens. It was exactly what it looked like in my dreams. But with a little surprising detail.

No, it isn't Halloween in Athens when I was there. This is someone's regular work uniform.

I was traveling solo and I don't know a single soul who lives in Athens. So believing in the power of walking and exploration were my only options to survive my tourist anxiety. Surprisingly, I felt at home. I fearlessly took a stroll on the busy street and checked out anything and everything that looks interesting to me.

I took one of those Hop On-Hop Off Buses in the city to use my free time to see the city. It was very convenient and uncomplicated. I hopped off at the Acropolis and did my own walking tour of the place.

The sign says it all. 

When I finally set foot on the Acropolis and saw the amazing ruins still etched with history, I was in heaven. It was exactly what I imagined it to be and some surprising stuff that totally not written in the book. It was magnificent in all aspects. And it was perfect.

The place was packed with tourists from all over the world. The warm Greek spring weather was just right for my skin. The view from the top is breathtaking. And the energy of the place is empowering.

The famous Parthenon in its glory.

The mandatory selfie with the Parthenon in the backdrop is just appropriate at that moment.

The Parthenon is under renovation so scaffoldings are all over the place and enclosed with wire rope fence to keep the crowd away from the construction area. It was huge and glaring in the midday sun.

I spent almost 2 hours in the Acropolis enjoying the sight and people watching. There were several groups of students that seemed to me were having their field trip with their teachers explaining something in their native languages. I won't be wrong because the scenario was the same when we are on a field trip with our kids in school.

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus sits beneath the Acropolis. It is a stunning open-air theatre.

I stopped at the Acropolis only and didn't bother to check out other places where the bus stops because I was a little tired already from my jetlag. But I stayed on board and just enjoyed the view of Athens on the roof deck of the bus.

The Panathenaic Stadium which is the oldest Olympic stadium in Athens built of granite and hosted the modern games in 1896.

I wish I could give more information about the city of Athens, but coming from a 7 hours layover in Doha, Qatar and following a 9 hours flight to Athens, my brain hurts a bit. Hence, I just flooded this post with a few of the over 300 photos I took of the city of my dream.

I can't really give an accurate and complete account of my experience here in Athens simply because I only spent 24 hours here. So, I just made a video clip of my day tour of the Acropolis and Downtown Athens.

It's not much but it is what I only need at that time. It was just a glimpse of how exciting this trip was. And it's an affirmation that I will surely be back to see and experience the rest of what Greece has to offer.

Athens is like any other modern city anywhere in the world. The only difference is that anywhere you stand in the city, you can see the Acropolis on top of the hill. And from up the hill, you have a vantage point of seeing the entire city below.

And up there, you stand in awe to see the breathtaking view of the place where ancient gods and goddesses used to walk on.