#ruthiliciousTravels went Solo Camping for the First Time

So it happened. I went camping - SOLO!

I'm not gonna lie, I don't like camping. Maybe I even hated it because I only remember all the not-so-good experiences I had camping in the past.

For me, camping is uncomfortable.
It's complicated.
It's a lot of work.
And clean up time is traumatic because I was the only one cleaning up all the time and putting everything back to where they belong. 

But those are just my opinion about camping in general. So don't hate me for what I said at the beginning.

However, solo camping is different.

I think solo camping is cool.
I think it's a little badass.
I think it's phenomenal.
And I think it's sick... in a good way.

Whoever invented solo camping is a genius!

Although the process is the same because I'm still the one cleaning-up and putting everything back where they belong but at least this time, I know that I'm the only one responsible. I don't expect other people to help me because I made all the mess myself. It's different when there are other people who went camping with you and you are the only one doing the hard work while half of the mess was made by them.

It's not fair!

My cute tent.

Solo camping is a new pill for stress relief.

It helps me relax.
It helps me rewind.
It helps me recharge.
And it helps me to enjoy nature at it's best.

Solo camping taught me some life skills that I should have learned when I was growing up. And most importantly, it helps me get out of my comfort zone.

My excuse to indulge in my favorite pastime... eating.

Taking a nap after waking up is always an option when camping solo.

It may not be for everyone.
But it could be for anyone.
Anyone who wants a ME-Time.
And everyone who needs some alone.

So how about you? Are you brave enough to go camping solo?


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