the waiting game

It was snowing for three days straight. And what a bored human being like me got to do with this kind of predicament? ICE-FISHING!

I got the license... I got the boots (L.L. Bean)... I got the goose down jacket (reversible and L.L. Bean too)... I got a warm scarf, an equally warm hat, and an insulated red gloves... I got a fishing pole, baits, Lays lightly salted potato chips,and almond joy chocolate bar... I'm all set.Hubby, Brandon and I tracked down the trail we set up couple of days back to reach the frozen dam. The snow was deeper than the first time we were there. The river was as gorgeous as the first time I saw it and I can clearly see the steel bridge downstream because it was not foggy unlike two days ago. We found the holes that hubby drilled before. Well, actually Brandon did... he slipped into the holes (all three of them) while he was playing around and hubby drilled one more. We set out the poles and the baits and the waiting game begun.

It was snowing. It was freezing cold. The scenery is phenomenal. But we caught nothing. We'll try again next time... soon.