something ain’t FISHY here

I have been knocking my head off hard enough just to come up with the best header design for this blog for quite sometime. I wanted to have the best design that fits my blog but I can’t come up with the best idea that I suit it. And if you are a regular visitor to this blog you must have noticed it. You must have noticed how the header constantly changing and so with the lay-out and color scheme as well.

It’s not only the header that I was trying to format but the column and color scheme too. And after several painstaking attempts I almost gave up until I bump into Amanda. She helped me with the formatting of the 3-column lay-out with her Blogger Buster. Thanks, Amanda!

And now, I finally came up with the best I could come up with. So you may ask... what's with the FISH? I don't want to state the obvious but I am a Pisces, the most romantic sign in the Horoscope. And it is very significant to me because the painting was my personal gift to my Hubby on his 49th birthday. I painted the picture myself in water color and it is the only painting I did in water color. It was inspired by the photo of the school of fish that Hubby sent me on e-mail which he took in Puerto Galera, Philippines during one of his scuba diving stints back in 2004.

And one thing more, I came up with 4 more headers for my 4 other blogs.

1. The “a Carpenter’s WIFE’s tool box” which is another personal blog where I wrote everything about my role as a wife, step-mother, daughter-in-law, friend and an “alien”… my life in Maine, the adjustment period, struggle to fit in, the changing weather, and what not… and everything in between.

2. The “my ReFUGE” which is the blog where I keep all my old write-ups and those long ones that nobody wants to read. Here is where I also post those write-ups that don’t fit in any of my other 4 blogs.

3. The “sa puso at isip” which is my only blog written in my native language [Tagalog]. This is my other “breathing space” where I can think without limitation and where I can post all those nagging thoughts I had that I can’t translate in English.

4. The “GREGOIRE Construction” is the blog I made for Hubby. This is the website for his craft and to promote his trade.

Yes, that’s me… when I get inspired… I can get going and going and going. Hope you like my new header [and the others].


  1. Well done.

    I started because of the members in my Bisaya blogging community started asking me to make them one. I just posted all the headers I made since they have been asking for samples and got tired of sending links so I posted it. Headers are too much work. I like making the logos since they are quick and easy.

    You should start your own. I charge $3 on logos and $7 on headers. I have 24 hr turn around logos since they are easy but three days on the headers.

    Let me know when you start, I'll promote you too.

    Enjoy blogging!