on PR and what not

I'm still crazy and all psyched up about this PR thingy we have here on cybernation. It’s still a big mystery to me or perhaps to lots of bloggers who like me… has no clue what’s going on… what’s its significance... and how it affects our total blogging vibes and predisposition.

Ok, I am whining and ranting about my PR because if you can see… if you hover your mouse on the PageRank icon at the top of the page, the phrase… PageRank is Google’s measure of the importance of this page (0/10) still pops up. It’s driving me crazy. You see, I have 5 blog accounts here in Blogger. Four of them have PR values except this one.

Anyway, last night, I decided to post a write-up on GREGOIRE Construction [the blog I made for my Hubby for his construction business] after 3 months of being untouched. Last night too I showed him the post and the renovation I did on that blog then left him to explore the blog himself. When I came back, I was surprised when he told me his blog got PR1. What the heck?

The “a Carpenter’s WIFE’s tool box” [my personal diary of my everyday experiences as a stay-at-home wife] got PR3… my “sa puso at isip” [my only blog written in my native language which is Tagalog] has PR2 and the “my REFUGE” [my reflections blog which I seldom post articles on too] got PR1 before and now awaiting another pagerank update. But this “Ruthi’s breathingSpace” is still zero… nada… nothing. It has been PR0 since birth. And this is the first I ever conceived. This is my first-born.

Oh well… I need to wait another couple of months or so and see if miracle will happen. And for now, I just sulk and whine and rant, as usual. [*sigh]