Monday, January 4, 2010

Dealership, Twitting, and Boredom

I just came back from my appointment at the dealership today. I called for an appointment last week because of the “anti-freeze thingy” in my car that needs to be checked. What the heck is the anti-freeze, anyway? The only thing I know about car is that… it drives me to work… and it drives me nuts when I have to go to work after a snow storm.

Yes, we had a “monster snow storm” the entire weekends of the New Year. What a great start huh? And yes, I was scared out of my wits to get out of the house to drive anywhere except to go to the store to buy milk.

After I gave my keys to the car guy I went to the customer’s lounge hoping that I could get a wifi connection but there was none so I ended up “twitting” instead. Then I texted my cousin in California and asked what she was doing and she texted back… “auto body yorba linda”.

Oh well, her text message doesn’t make sense but I was able to make sense of it, anyway. I was guessing she was as bored as I am. And we were both waiting for our cars to get fixed. Nice!

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