Friday, April 9, 2010

Bathroom Issues

My bathroom back home is my favorite room in the house. When I say back home… I am referring to the Philippines. My bathroom there is my refuge. I spend more time in the bathroom reading than in any of the rooms in our house. And since I live alone without anybody sharing my refuge, I turned my bathroom into a home spa that was why I make it a point to keep it clean and cozy and spa-like. I had all the necessary products I need and all the fixing that a spa has. I always keep it spic and span all the time.

Now that I am moved here, and don’t have the luxury of time to spend long hours in the bathroom due to work, I still wanted a spa-like bathroom. That is why I make it sure that I have luxury bath systems that can cater to my needs and whim. So when we had our bathroom shower remodeling, we installed bathtub wall surround to make it more modern and up to date.

Now, though I still don’t get the luxury of time to spend relaxing moment in the bathroom… I am still happy just to see how nice my bathroom is.

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