Thursday, September 26, 2013

Changing Season

Finally, it's here and I am so excited. It's the season I've been waiting for.  There is something special about this season for me.
Fall is not just my favorite season, it is the most important season for me.
It is the time of the year that I really enjoy doing outdoors activities despite the cold weather. The sight... the sound... the taste... the feel... I can't help but fall in love with it.
Here in Maine, this is the time of the year when I enjoy the outdoors whether running or walking or most of the time... photo walking.
So here are some of the photos I took from the past 6 years of my New England Fall.

Changing season is inevitable, I hope you enjoy my photos.


My Two Questions and Thursday Thoughts to ponder: 
1. What is your favorite season?
2. What activities do you enjoy doing during your favorite season?

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Cherry said...

oh am geeeeee! i can't help fall-ing in love with your photos sis!!! i want to be teleported there, now na! :D

Self Sagacity said...

My favorite season is summer. I love the warmth and the beautiful flowers. The fall is depressing to me. Yet, your photos make fall a lot more interesting with all the colors.
Thanks for linking with Thursday Two Questions, have a great weekend.

kulasa zen said...

Postcard worthy shots as always sistah! I love summer because I see awesome sunsets. . .I'd love to see "fall" one sweet day and walk along with you ♥

Judy SheldonWalker said...

Photos are stunning!! I love spring and fall; spring wins because it ushers in summer. lol