Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the age difference

I just turned 43 last week. It's no big deal. No big celebration. No big surprises. No expectations whatsoever. It was just another day. A very ordinary day. I woke up early (as usual) to make coffee for hubby. He greeted me "Happy Birthday" the first time he opened his eyes. It was just fine too.

After everybody left the house, I sat in front of the computer and checked all my e-mails. It was no big deal too. Well, I got a lot of offline messages from friends and family all over the world. And that was new because it doesn't happen all the time. I chatted with my brother, cousin and friend online who were waiting for me to greet me. Then, I just did the chores. I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the carpet in the living room, mopped the dining area and kitchen, did the laundry and fixed the bedroom. It was just an ordinary day.

I just turned 43 last week and I don't feel any different. I still have the same dry skin everyday due to cold winter. I still have the same dull hair that needs to be styled anytime soon. And I practically feel the same way as in the past years. I am not saying that I am not happy. Maybe I was just not too excited because I am getting older or worse, I am looking old. Or maybe because, this was the first time I celebrated my birthday away from home... away from my family, away from my friends, away from the life that I used to have.

But there is one reason for me to celebrate, though. I have a new family now. I have a mother-in-law who is very supportive of me and treats me like a real daughter. I have step-children who treat me like their real mother. And I have a husband who loves me very much.

Of course, I have more reason to celebrate my 43rd birthday than concentrate on my physical flaws. Dry skin can be cured by my moisturizers. My dull hair can be improved by conditioner or a visit to my hair dresser. And I can feel no different at all because I have people here who care. I had cake on my birthday. My step-daughter took the time to bake it for me. My father-in-law bought boxes of pizza. And I got a new pair of 1/3 carat diamond earrings from hubby.

Age is not the main factor in feeling different about oneself. Age is only a figure. Age is only a matter of putting perspective into mind set. Age is the difference between knowing what is really important in life and the ability to know its significance to one's life.

Now, I am happy.

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