easter sunday blues

I have a different concept about Easter Sundays. Or shall I say, a different orientation and tradition. I came from a religious family where Christian tradition is well-respected and appreciated. But I am not that religious. I just grew up embracing a tradition that I don't exactly know where it came from. But I kinda like it. Tha pagentry of the Holy Week celebration is always a celebration I look forward to for many reasons. Family get-together, food, drinks, and camaraderie are just some of them. I wait with great anticipation for the century old religious traditions held by the church and participate when I can like the procession of the saints, the afternoon masses and the "vicita iglecia". But more over, I just love the week-long break to just relax and binge.

This year, I am here in another country and I never felt more homesick than today. Deep in my heart I know that my family is doing the same activities we used to enjoy year after year. And sadly, I am not there to participate. I am not there to enjoy it. And I am not there to be a part of the family I so missed so much. But life has to go on. I have a new life now... a new family... and a new country.

I am now ready to embrace a new culture. I am now ready to be a part of a new tradition. And I am now ready to add a new experience with my past. Today, I found out that my new family celebrate Easter Sunday with a basket of easter eggs. Today, I found out that family eats together too and each member is given treats like chocolates to celebrate easter. And just like any family tradition, my new family shows how much we love each other by simply taking the time out to be together.

Easter is a day for celebration. It is a day to celebrate a tradition that family have been born into. Easter is the day for re-birth. And Easter is the re-birth of a new beginning with hope and great anticipation for a blessed future ahead. Though I still don't know what the bunny is all about, I know, in time, I will learn everything because this is just the beginning.


st_hart said…
It's a nice and inspiring blog.
Btw happy belated birthday. Being older is a must, but being mature is a choice.
I'll always comeback here to see your next posts.