Jeff's suggestion

Okay, Jeff already read my e-mail. And this is what he said...

Hi, what about simply calling your blog Ruthinian's Breathing Space. That
way it will be clearly differentiated.

Jeff Davidson

Well, sounds good. I guess this is a good idea. Why not? I really like the words "breathing space" better than "myREFUGE" for this particular blog site because this is really a breathing space for me. And to put my name in it... makes it more personal. What do you think? Oh well, whatever. I will just name this "breathingSpace" again and add my name.

As for "myREFUGE", I have another blogspot site that I created last year. I called it "my cup of tea" that time because I was having a cup of tea then when I created it. But I signed up for WordPress recently too and called it "my cup of tea" also because I can't think of any other name that time. Oh yes, I know what you are thinking, you are right, I am a confused wreck. So to address the problem correctly, I will call my other blogspot site "myREFUGE" now. So I can rest in peace.

Now, I am happy. This site will be called.... Ruthi's breathingSpace now... and for always.