turning green

Winter will be over soon. Spring will be here in a couple of weeks and the snow banks are still as high as our roof. It's all over the news, global warming is causing the earth terrible disaster and has affected not only the climate but the eco-system. And we are all aware that "we" the people played a very important role in this catastrophic hishaps.

But a lot of people too are playing important roles to help mother earth. A lot of projects concerning global warming are mushrooming all over the world in order to come up with solution to global warming. And everyone, influential or not are taking part in it. Even the kids in school are taught how to be kind to nature.

Turning green is the solution, so to speak. And people are doing so (at least a lot of them). We have a responsibility to protect the only home we know. Are you doing your share? How do you do it? Are you turning green?