what's in the name?

I received a comment from a recent visitor to one of my blogs entitled "reaching out and getting paid off" . It goes like this...

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Jeff Davidson.. said..
please note: Breathing Space is registered
trademark of the Breathing Space Institute

I was surprised. I didn't know what to do. So I clicked the link and found out that Jeff owns a registered website named Breathing Space.

As you may know (for those who already visited this site before) the original title of this blog site is breathingSpace. (Note: It is spelled as is.) So when I read his comment, I was really dumb-folded because I had no idea. I immediately wrote him an e-mail (I am still waiting for his reply as of this writing) and apologized for my honest mistake. If you can call that a mistake.

I had this "breathingSpace" blog title for quite awhile and don't have any idea that somewhere in the cyberspace, there is another website that exists with the same title. I love this title because it fits my predicament. You see, I am a stay-at-home wife (as you may also know by now) and blogging is my past-time. I had to write down all those nagging thoughts so it won't keep nagging me. I love that title because I feel that I can breathe out whatever is on my mind and heart. I love the title because I finally found a perfect space for those thoughts and I can rest in peace.

I am not a computer geek. I am just a neophyte here. I am learning slowly and slowly discovering new things at a time. And then, I was introduced to a lot of opportunities online where I could earn money through blogging and clicking and whatnot. I just wanted to make myself useful and productive. So I spend a lot of time exploring and surfing the net, looking for new opportunities to increase my earnings. I haven't received any payout just yet. But I am not in a hurry, I just love to write and being paid for it... is only a bonus.

Well, going back to the real issue, Jeff's was written as Breathing Space while mine was spelled out breathingSpace. I can dispute that my blog is not one and the same simply by pointing out that it was spelled out differently. But then, this is not a strong alibi. And I don't need an alibi. I guess. I just want to point out here that, a simple name can make a big difference.

I don't want to dwell so much on this issue. So I just changed my original username "myRefuge" to my real name and used it as my new blog title. So here you go. This blog site will now official called "myREFUGE". I hope no other website owner will come out again and call my attention and tell me that his website's name is registered as "my refuge" too or else, I will be forced to change it again.

For now, I will have to think 3 more possible blog titles that can come handy for emergency reason. Well, to Jeff Davidson, I again apologize. Hope you forgive me and I love your website... Breathing Space.

Now, I can breathe.