Tuesday, April 1, 2008

just fooling around

It's April Fool's Day! Do I need to get fooled today? Or I should fool someone today?

I really don't know why we have to celebrate April Fool's Day. What have they done to recognize their foolishness? Oh well, I guess you have to count me in for asking these foolish questions.

I think if we really have to celebrated foolishness, we need to celebrate it everyday. Accept it or not, we do a lot of foolish things almost everyday... consciously or subconsciously. Well, we are not perfect and we are just human being. We are all bound to make mistakes, mistakes that sometimes we associate with foolishness. But mistakes and foolishness are two different things. So don't get fooled.

And just for the sake of the celebration... Happy April Fool's Day to all! Let's all get foolish just for today and use our common sense for the rest of the year.


st_hart said...

it's only a little while since my last visit, but your blog is much greater. it's getting greater and greater...
keep posting, my dear. time by time i will return here :)

st_hart said...

thx for adding mine in your blog :)i really appreciate it. to be added to the tag, you can follow the three step. you can just copy the post from "star copying here" to "end copying here". add your blog link after the list. to keep the ball rolling, you're encouraged to tag 5 or more blogger that haven't been in the list . click "here" in the step three to visit the blog which initiated the post and leave some comment there, and your blog will be added in the master list. that's all :)
good luck!