it's nice and warm out

My Live Weather Bug says it's 61 degrees out. I looked out the window and I can tell that it really looks warm outside. The cloudless sky is beautiful in it's palest blue hue. The wind is mild, I know, it's mild because the leafless maple tree by the garage is swaying just lightly unlike the other day... it was shaking so hard, it broke some branches.

It's not a big deal really. But after 4 long months of cold and bitter winter, where the temperature never goes higher than the freezing point, it is a relief and an assurance that spring is really here. The snow bank has reduced its size. Though the backyard is still covered with some snow, I can already see the grass on some part of it. And that is an indication, that sooner or soonest, the grass will be green... the flowers will be in bloom... and the deer will be back... grazing.