Friday, April 11, 2008

paypal delivers

This never comes as a surprised to me. I have been waiting for this moment. I have been anticipating this special day. And I have been patiently hoping that this day will come soon.

Finally... the e-mail was sent. First e-mail says: You Post has been Approved for Payment. This came from I was paid $5.00 for the post I made for Buzzfuse. The second e-mail, myLot has just sent you $19.91 USD with PayPal. This is what I earned from my account at myLot. With the two earnings credited to my account, I am now $24.91 USD richer.

I know this is not much. But the fact that I did make money just doing what I love to do is really compensating. It's a good motivation and I am more inspired now. So I guess, I will be enjoying this a lot.


Pinay Jade said...

I just received my payment too from PPP, my Lot, I have not tried that one yet. Do you get lots of opps there?
Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Pinay Jade said...

Hi there Ruthi, Thanks for taking time to answer my question. I tried to sign in on your referal link but was not successful. Naka sign up na pala ako here last month but haven't really been active.

I hope you have a great sunday! Btw, I have a tag for you. Grab it when you can;)

Dana said...

hi ruthi...visiting u here!

Vincent Bautista said...

Hi Ruthi! Does myLot really pay? Nakakatamad naman mag-discuss doon hahaha (as said by me Mr. Lazy hehehe). But saw your discussions there, very provocative and interesting. ^_^