Friday, May 23, 2008

and so I thought

I thought once is a-OK. I thought I was doing alright. I thought I already had enough troubles in my hands.

Remember a couple of days back, when I told you guys that I made a commitment with Vienna about co-authoring My Pink Notes. It was actually, a good decision. I enjoy it. I am having fun writing for it. And I am happy with it. In fact, I am loving it because I broke my own record in writing. I was able to write 8 posts in one day. And never in my history of writing, that I was able to do that until yesterday.

It was actually a blessing in disguise. Having 5 blogs sites is a pain in the b-u-t-t because I need to come up with different ideas for all of them at least once or twice a week. Sometimes, I backlog on all of them out of plain laziness. But since I accommodated another one, I feel a certain sense of guilt if I will not be able to write and neglect my “babies”. So this co-authorship thing-ish is a good motivation for my other blogs.

Ok, I’ll cut the chase. I agreed again to co-author Vienna’s other blog sites. She has 8 of them. I will be writing for from now on. I told you, I thought I had enough troubles in my hand. I was wrong. I had to get another one. Oh well, I can’t whine now. It was a well-thought off decision. Unlike the first one, I didn’t just jump right out on it. I was given time to think about it. I slept on it.

There you go. I will be really busy and may not have the time to smell the roses. But I will assure you. I will always find time to go for a run, quite literally and figuratively. Running is my other breathing space now.

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