Tuesday, May 20, 2008

frustrated writer strikes again

I always tell myself [and other people] that I am a frustrated writer. It's not that I wanted to be humble or something. Maybe I just really don't have the confidence of a real writer. Why should I, the first book I have written is still unpublished. But that is beside the point. Perhaps, I really don't know what being a writer really means. Well, I do have an idea but it's too vague to assert my conviction. I do love to write and it's my passion but I am not really sure if you can call that "being a writer". Anyway, the title "frustrated writer" suits me well and it's safer for now. At least, I can have a limited obligation to myself and to the rest of the reading public. There, I got a good alibi now in terms of my writing flaws.

Writing is not only fun but educational. One thing I learned about writing is that, you need some boosters so that you will feel like one. You need other writers to feel that you are one of them. You need to belong somehow. It's just like what we call the birds-of-the-same-feather-kinda-syndrome that makes you feel you have what it takes to be a writer. In my case, I was blessed with a lot of writers all over the world whom I met here in this crazy cyberworld. I am grateful for them because I learned a lot from them. They are my support system now. Like Edgar [who taught me how to set-up my sitemap] and Vienna [who taught me about PR, indexes and "opps"] just to name two. Their valued knowledge about computer gave a real good boost to my five blog sites.

But here is a thing. I think I went too far with my blogging. I got too carried away and before I knew it, I committed to co-author another blog site. Can you imagine that? I have 5 other blog sites that I can hardly handle or manage and here I am co-authoring MyPinkNotes.com which is Vienna's favorite and award-winning baby [not to mention with a PR4 to boot]. Am I nuts? Oh well, too late now. I already wrote 2 posts and she is expecting me to babysit that baby while she will be enjoying glorious Austria with her "love of my life" soonest. You lucky girl.

Anyway, I am not really complaining. It's just being me, always whining, always ranting and always making excuses. So I hope I will be able to put my talent [READ: multi-tasking] to work real good this time and get the hang of it. Good Luck to ME!

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