Confession of a former Shopaholic

Guilty beyond reasonable doubt! That was the verdict.

I can’t help it. I had to own it. I had to get hold of it. I had to possess it. That’s a common mantra of a self-confessed shopaholic.

But With the current economic situation, one has to play it smart. With the bills going up the roof, one has to think hard. With the unbeatable rising prices of goods, one has to start getting wise.

Having given it a deep thought and apt consideration, I psyched myself up and made a drastic decision. I had to stop. I had to bring to an end to my shallow indulgence. And so I did just that. I stopped.

Now I am healed. I am freed. I am moving on.

Frenzy shopping weekend… crazy bargain hunting… extreme manic buying thoughts – they are now things of the past.