Cushion for my bottom

My driving skill has improved a lot this time. Practice really makes perfect. I’m not a perfect driver just yet, though. But I am learning fast. I am becoming a good student now. Yesterday, we went shopping for a firm pillow that I can sit on while I am behind the wheel.

You can consider me as a vertically challenged person. Though there are lots of disadvantages that one can think of when we talk about my height, I rather concentrate on the advantages, which to my surprise are really a lot too. Anyway, my hubby realized that the reason why I am having a hard time driving is that I don’t have a good vantage point of the road. Well, I can see the road just fine. But when I finally had something under my butt, it certainly added a few centimeters to my height and I can see the road just perfect.

So there you go. I am more confident now on the road. And I am hoping that I will be ready for my road test in a few weeks time to get my real Driver’s License.