It's Memorial Day today. This is my first memorial day. And I don't have any idea what it is all about.

I don't have time to google about Memorial Day. So in order for me to have a quick idea about it I just used my common sense. In the calendar I saw a picture of the American flag and a saluting soldier. So I was guessing that Memorial Day is a special day to commemorate the heroism of the American soldiers who sacrificed their lives for to achieve peace and freedom. In other words, it is a holiday and no school and work tomorrow. In other words, there are lots of “sale” in all the major retail stores in the mall. In other words, I will still be staying home.

For an unemployed like me, it is a holiday all year-round. And it is double holiday when it is holiday. But still there is no difference at all. Holiday is just a day.


Ely said…
I wish everyday is a holiday in the US. No calls, no work. It's the best time to relax...while at work. :)