My Bad!

I mess up a lot lately. My sense of direction is getting out of hand. And I can't think straight. It could be the pollen... it's spring so I could blame the flowers. It could be the unpredictable weather... I am in Maine so it is predictable that the weather will always be unpredictable. Or it could be boredom... I am periodically bored all my life (but it's not a disease, just an allergy. Hmmm) so I should be used to it by now.

Oh well, I could brag, rant and bit_h all I want but there is nothing I can do to change everything. My only consolation is that... life goes on and most of the time, it never fails to amuse me.

I could always be in a mess and can get out of it with the usual flair. I could always lose my sense of direction and still find the right path back up. And I could always can't think straight and yet make a great decision.

Oh well, life is good and bad. But one thing is sure, life is unpredictable... so I need to slow down. You guys should too. Cheers


Pinay Jade said…
I know what you mean. I am taking it slow too cause I am afraid that next thing I has passed me. We need to enjoy it now when we can.

That's why I will be going on a blog leave See you when I get back!

I will leave you with my latest entry Paparazzi Experience