Monday, May 19, 2008

PPP has one word

I received my second payout from PayPerPost today. Thanks PPP, you are indeed reliable. I got paid $8.00 for a post I made last month for a certain web community. It wasn't much but what is special about this one is that - PayPerPost paid it and not the advertiser.

Prior to my payment, I received an e-mail from Scott Mulrooney of Izea telling me that the advertiser for whom I wrote the post cannot be contacted and non-responsive (TRANSLATION: Don't want to pay for the advertisement). In that event, however, PPP assured me that my opportunity fee will be paid using their own fund even if they were not able to collect from the advertiser because according to them, "I took the opportunity in good faith". Isn't the cool or what?

PayPerPost really takes care of its blogger and I couldn't be more happier for that.

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