Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shopaholic haven

Black Friday is the most awaited holiday in the calendar for shopaholics like me. It is considered as “Thanksgiving Part 2”. People will eat as much turkey as they can to get the energy they will need to deal with Black Friday. Why not? Black Friday means, shopping… shopping… shopping.

One of the best alibis a shopaholic can hold about BF is bargain… sale… and good deal. Imagine how much you can save on your early Christmas presents if you buy on BF. But there is always a downside to everything, as we all know. I hate the crowd. I hate the long wait. I hate the pandemonium.

Good thing I found this cool black friday ads online. Yep, a Black Friday website – how cool is that? This means no more hassle standing in long queue at the store at 5 in the morning… no more horde of crazy crowd… no more irritating mayhem. This means more savings… more cool items to choose from… and more importantly, more time to sleep. This is cool because is a consumer-friendly website. It can even send you e-mail alerts so that you can keep up with the latest ads they have posted or the latest stocks they have on sale at Macy’s, Old Navy or JC Penny, just to name a few.

So, for shopaholic like me, this is the time so celebrate. We finally have a place to celebrate Black Friday with ease and breeze. Happy shopping!

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