all my children

When I was growing up I used to have constant fight with my mom because she just didn’t understand anything. She was the worst critic in the whole world. And she never liked anything that I like. She was such a nag.

Growing up is a pain in the a-s-s when you have parents who are conservative. Growing up is a never-ending struggle if you have to deal with old-fashioned parents and peer pressure. Growing up is an unbounded fight with self-esteem when you are not part of the “in” group.

Now that I am a grown up, the reversal of role is imminent. If I get pregnant again I wonder how my relationship with my kids will be like. Will they be like me to my parents? [READ: Karma] Will I be able to handle them the way my parents handled me? Honestly, I turned out fine and I am forever grateful for them. Good thing that they were strict or else I may have ended up either in jail or prostitution camp. Just kidding!

The new generation of kids today is given so much freedom in their hands. I don’t say that it is wrong. But as a result, they take for granted important values and make wrong decisions. I am not a parent yet but when and if ever I become one, I don’t know what to do when my kids will come home like this…

The Coca-Cola Drinker

The Metallic Artist
The Peace Man
The Charm Hanger

The Beads Charmer

The Un-scratcher

(NOTE: I would like to thank my friend Carol Andrews of Mackay, Queensland Australia for those pictures she sent me through e-mail)


Vannie said…
wahhhh this is so freaky Ruthi!

btw, a tag for you here
Len said…
Innnangg! Ruthi! This is scary!!!