a Carpenter's Wife promotes Hubby's skill

As a good wife, I need to support my Hubby in everything he does. My hubby is a carpenter and that explains why I have a blog "a Carpenter's WIFE's tool box". He is a hardworking, passionate and ambitious carpenter who wants to take his skill to the next level.

With the current economic situation, the construction industry is dwindling and needs a good boost. Hubby is worried and vexed with the present economic condition. He feels that he needs to do something to ensure that he will be able to put food in the table. And he needs to make something that will work to his advantage.

And as a good wife, I need to do the best I can to help him. And so I am using this blog of mine to promote his dream and his life. This is a post lovingly written for GREGOIRE Construction.

GREGOIRE Builders… we do not only build houses… we build dreams.