of love and money

I was browsing on my myLot account just now and went to check on "my best response" that I got from people who liked my response to their discussion. Then I stumbled upon this response that my friend St. Hart rated for me. I decided to post it here so that it would remind me of my personal conviction on life and love. Sometimes I do have the tendencies to forget important things. You know.

The Discussion was:

Which is more unbearable for you, life without love or love without money?

And my Response was:

Your question is a long-time debate-able topic. And I know a tricky one too. My answer on the other hand, always varies too depending on the time and mood that the question is raised . But then, I think both are important. We need love to live... but with only love... we can't live life to the fullest. We have a saying, when the stomach is empty... love flies out of the window.

We need love and a person who has no love is the most miserable person in the whole
world even if he has all the money in the world. But then, if all you got is love and you don't have the money to sustain and to provide for your family... you will also feel miserable and desperate.

Now, to answer your question... my life will be unbearable if I don't have love and money.

ON the funny note: Money isn't everything. Happy is the man you has no money and yet found a woman. But happy is the woman who found the man... who has lots of money. Cheers!

Now I was thinking, with all the troubles that we put up for love, it only proves that love can't exist alone. Or maybe I was wrong. What do you think?