Second Job

I finally quit my second job. Despite the present economic situation we are in... I have to give it up. Money is still tight and giving up that second job was really a critical decision that I had to make.

Here are the reasons why I gave it up.

1. I have not time for myself now. The only time I got was when I took that 2 week vacation in California. And that's all about it. With my second job... I have to work on weekends. Though it's only 4.5 hours on Saturday and Sunday... still I am out of the house 7 days a week.
2. I am logging behind with my blogging. Yes, I am a blogger and I take blogging seriously. It is also a job for me and I job that I really love. This is the only place where I can be creative, breathe, and meet friends. With my second job... I miss a lot on blogging happine$$$ and I miss a lot on the happenings in the bloggosphere. Yes, I miss you all my blogging friends.
3. And lastly, I miss my Hubby. I don't even have time to write him letters anymore. We don't have time to go out anymore even just to go out to watch movie. The last movie we watched together was... Ice Age [Dawn of the Dinosaurs] and yes, it was ice-ages ago. LOL. I miss having Chinese out. And with the Ice-Fishing season in full blast right now... I will surely miss it if I have to work on weekends. Ice-fishing is one of the activities that we do together that we enjoy. It's the only time that we bond even if we sometimes get in each other's nerve [LOL] I still love it.

So you guess it right... My Thursday Two Questions have something to do with JOB:

1. Do you have a second [and 3rd and 4th] job?
2. Do you love your job or do you want to change job [if it is possible]?


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  1. I'm a SAHM, need I say more? LOL. I'm also a children's author, so my work is 24/7. But, I love, love, love doing what I'm doing and wouldn't change a thing. This is where I belong.

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  2. I absolutely loved teaching secondary school, but had to give it up so I could spend more time with my family. I've never regretted that decision. An added bonus, I started writing and have completed four novels, something I would never have done had I been working.

    I have many jobs and wear many hats. Sometimes the most important jobs are the ones that don't bring in a paycheck.

  3. Hi Ruthi! Glad you are back on the blogsphere. I have missed you too.
    1) I have many jobs, although I don't have the main one which brings in the bacon anymore. Now I am down to two, three, four. I think that is it.
    2) I love my blogging job, and the reasons are mostly like what you've stated. I loved my daytime job that I've lost. I am not in love with my daughter responsibilities and motherly responsibilities, but I can do a fairly good job.

  4. i hold one regular job...i have no energy left for a second job.:p

    i love my job. it's not perfect and i am looking forward to make some major changes soon.

  5. It's good to see you back Ruthie. That is a hard decision to make but somethings are more important than money.

    I am not working outside the home right now but I have had two jobs at the same time before, it was very hard to do and I had no time for anything else.

    I did love my last job but had to give it up when my hubby was transferred here. I don't regret leaving the job.

  6. I think I agree that you should quit if it takes you away from the things you love. We work so we can enjoy the things we love right?

    1. I have several jobs but since they are not FULL time jobs, I can re-work my schedule a lot.

    2. I love my job and since I pray for it, I know the next one will be as equally exciting!

  7. I hope you get some more time to yourself to enjoy the things that matter. I know how hard this can be.

    I do have kind of a second job. I babysit for extra money so we can buy groceries. Bills pretty much take all of my husbands check.

    I used to love it but I think because I'm nice I'm being taken advantage of and so I want to maybe change who I babysit for.
    I absolutely adore the baby though and the baby has bonded so well with us it would be a shame.

  8. no second job for me Ruthi, well, like you, i miss blogging too, and i take it seriously too :)

    miss you, hope all is well, that food is awesome!

  9. Ruthi, for many years I worked 2 and 3 jobs but now I only have one plus my free lancing. My hours are so unusual that it would be hard for another job to schedule around plus I was very tired of sacrificing family and me time. It does take its toll on you and your family. Welcome back to the real world. lol