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Finally, I was able to convince my baby brother to make his own blog. I have been nagging him about it for quite awhile now but he has lots of alibis. But last week, out of the blue, I told him again as-a-matter-of-factly, and he did! He just did!

And as a doting big sister, I taught him every step of the way to come up with the best blog that fits him. He was such a good boy [very unlikely of him though] following everything that I said. He liked it. He liked it so much that the following day… he asked me how to make another blog again. Yup, he has two blogs two days in row and he is writing like crazy… sharing his inspirations and whereabouts to the blogging world.

Technically, I created a problem. You see, my baby brother is a dependent dude especially when big sister is around. Though he knows what to do but knowing that sissy can do it for him… he would rather not do it. So, I am babysitting my baby brother’s blogs QUEUE-less and sleep-deprived... caffeine-fueled LIFE for now. Yep… I thought I’m done babysitting him… now I am babysitting his blogs. The only thing he does for the blogs is to write the post. That’s it. And my job includes but not limited to – editing… inserting images… fixing the lay-out… designing the header… adding page elements and what not… managing the traffic… linking other bloggers… and everything in between.

There you go. So friends, if you want to add traffic to your blog… just visit my brother’s blog… give him a holler on his message box… or ME (a.k.a. babysitter)... and I WILL LINK YOU UP. Promise!


sleep-deprived... caffeined-fueled LIFE

NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement... just doing my job as a good big sister.


  1. I managed to convince my two brothers aswell and they're doing better than me...and i am proud of them -- Big Sis are always a big sis no matter what and where.

    Thank you for dropping by my site.