a major facelift


I was in a designing mood the entire week last week that is why my blogging frame of mind took a back seat for the moment. I was using the old blogger template since I signed up here [the one that is readily available when you create a blog account here] but I made a few customizations here and there as I learned the rope of html codes and their significance. Somehow I was able to do few drastic changes in the entire template lay-out [like changing the 2-column template to 3-column] through some helpful websites that give simple and easy tutorial lessons like Dummies’ Guide to Google Bloggers, Blogger Buster and Tips for New Bloggers. I also learned to design my own header and did a lot of them for my former school (5), my cousin (2) and my baby brother (4). And I added widgets left and right too.

Then, one day when I signed in to this blog the entire page was blank except for the blog title, the categories, the blog archives and the widget clock. I freaked out. I wasn’t able to find any of my posts. Then I checked my brother’s blog [which I am officially babysitting] and it has the same fate as mine. I freaked out some more.

So I googled… I googled more… and I googled hard. Then I found ourBLOGGERTemplate.com and found lots of FREE blogger templates. This is the best blogger template website that I've ever found in google. All the templates are cool and easy to install. It has tutorials on how you can customize the tamplates to your own style that will suit your personality and taste. They have tips that you can use to enhance and improve your lay-out.And they have updates on everything about blogger. In other words... ourBLOGGERtemplate.com rocks... to the max.

And so, I downloaded tons of templates [I have lots of blogs of my own and more adopted ones, remember?] and decided that it’s about time to make a change. Why not? Even Obama is calling for change, right? And I did. And this is the result of that drastic decision I made last week. It was painstaking but worth it. I single-handedly copied all the important data in notepad especially my friends’ blogroll [that task almost killed me] and re-installed them one by one. So, all of my 4 blogger accounts – a Carpenter's WIFE's tool box, My REFUGE, sa puso at isip and THIS ONE… had major facelifts courtesy of ourBLOGGERTemplate.com, now I need one myself… literally.


  1. Great job,the blog looks great!..I must say I have found it very difficult to find blogger templates with all right elements in the past..and its so important..I will check out the links you gave. Thks

  2. Hey Ruthi - great job. I also want to get my blogs some make over but with two stepchildren here on vacation - I hardly have time for blogging.

  3. @Milly... thanks. it was really difficult to customize template but this one has all the things i wanted and needed so all i did was add the elements.

  4. @Jade... hello my friend... I understand your present situation... you need time with your step-children and good for you you only have them for a vacation. mine is here for the rest of my life i guess hahahaha. [hope not] nice to see you around though.

  5. Hahaha! oo nga at buti malalaki na rin itong aking stepkids...

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