Closet Mayhem

Another thing a hate about winter is the closet. My closets seem forever chaotic and perpetually cluttered during winter. My closets are always over-stuffed and our clothes won’t fit in it no matter how often I downsize. And my closets will hopelessly be a pandemonium until the last snow melts becase... winter it is.

Hayyy… winter… why art thou?

I spent the whole day today organizing my closets. It’s the winter stuffs’ turn now. All my spring-summer stuffs are in the totes tucked away in the cellar for the time being to give way to winter stuffs. And though I spent the whole day organizing… my closets are still huge messes. I folded and hanged and arranged stuffs the whole day but still I can’t seem to make my closets look nice and tidy. Those winter clothes are so bulky they take so much space on the closets. I can’t keep track of all the mittens and gloves because I keep losing the other pair. And the scarves and hats are all over the place.

Hayyy… I had to stop now. Maybe this weekend I can find time to re-organize again… or maybe buy a new closet.


I just switched my summer clothes to the upstairs closet and brought my winter ones down last week. I keep gloves in my winter coat pockets and hand the scarves on the hanger with the coats I wear them with.